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How can online time tracking help your organisation?

An online time tracker is an essential tool in a modern organisation. It is a programme with which time can be tracked accurately and allocated to the right client and project. The time tracking programme can be accessed through mobile devices at all times and can make logging worked hours much easier. There are many benefits that an online time tracking programme can offer to help your organisation. Keep reading to find out what online time tracking can do for you.

Allocate time to the corresponding project

Time trackers are a great help in dividing time among clients and projects. Employees can choose the project that they are working on and track their hours in real time with a programme such as the following They can also pause and manually add time. This time can be authorised by the HR-department or management. Seeing how much time is spent on a certain task can help to determine the price of a project and can provide easy billing to the client.  An expert HR consultancy firm can help you figure out how much time should be allocated for different projects and tasks.  It also helps the employees to prioritise tasks that are about to hit their deadline. Besides, it can give a good overview of how promptly the tasks are carried out and which tasks are not being completed by the employee.

Easy clock in with a mobile time tracker

A time tracker works through an online programme. Progress of this programme is always saved online and accessible. It is therefore quite convenient to access your time tracker wherever you go. Most time trackers have an application that can be opened on mobile phones, tablets, laptops, and other devices. This feature is very useful for employees that work remotely or hybrid because it simplifies reporting their hours.

Online time trackers can also be installed on the staff’s computers. Once they arrive at their desks, they can easily clock in online. This makes it easy for the employee to track the time that they have worked, making it possible to calculate and automatically get compensated for overtime. For the organisation, online time tracking software can have many benefits. For example, an employee is not able to clock in without actually being at their desk. The programme will register late comers and is able to track the amount of time that an employee spends on their break.

Time tracking is possible in all kinds of organisations

For organisations in which employees do not regularly use a computer, such as in the production, food service, health, and retail sectors, it is possible to install a main tablet that allows employees to check in, once they have arrived. The tablet contains a time tracker app and can be personalised according to the wishes of the organisations. Employees can clock in by using their own personal code or can be asked to sign their personal signature while clocking in.

For organisations that work with shifts, automatic clock out can be provided. In this way, the employee does not have to go to the mobile time tracker system but can simply leave while their shift is over. The clock will not start if the employee has not clocked in at the beginning of the shift.

Besides providing a quick and easy clock in process for employees, it is also possible to generate and automatically send payroll information for all kinds of organisations, whether your company works with shifts or uses personal time tracking applications.

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