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How Can You Start a Career in Crypto Trading

Crypto trading has proven to be a lucrative profession that’s growing by the day. Cryptocurrencies are now more widely accepted than ever before and often by the traditional financial institutions that were first so opposed to them.

In this article, we’ll go over what you need to do to start a career in crypto trading. Some of the items on our list are strictly related to cryptos, and others can be applied to a wider range of careers in the world of finance.

Learn about Cryptocurrencies

The first step in starting a career in crypto trading is actually to learn all that you can about the cryptocurrencies themselves. This starts with learning about the tech behind them – blockchain, and it goes on to learn about the financial aspects of the trade.

Luckily, there are plenty of resources for doing so, much more today than there were when the cryptos were first introduced. The resources can be found online in the form of books, lectures, and courses, many of which are free and widely accessible.

Risk Management Skills

At the very core of crypto trading lies the ability to manage risk. This is also at the core of any financial market and any business in general. It’s a skill that can’t really be taught, even though they are helped by deep knowledge of the market and finance. The best way to learn how to manage risk is to actually try it.

There are some who claim that gambling can help with learning how to invest. Others prefer starting with smaller amounts and building up your experience. At the same time, it’s important to prepare for mistakes to be made and to be ready to lose some money in the process.

Stay Up to Date

Deep knowledge about cryptocurrencies is one thing, but it’s also important to have knowledge about the current affairs in the world of cryptos. You can learn about it by following the news closely and staying on top of the latest crypto developments. The world of crypto is changing fast, and the industry has changed greatly in just a few years.

Finding reliable sources and obtaining long-term insight from the day-to-day news can be as challenging for crypto as it is for any other complex event or trend.

Choose the Right Crypto Exchange

Crypto exchanges are similar to foreign currency exchanges as they are platforms in which investors can buy and sell cryptocurrencies. They provide a unique and essential service by allowing the investors to make these purchases safely and guarantee that the transfer will be instantaneous and that the terms of the contract will be honored.

Choosing a crypto exchange depends on the fees that it charges for its services as well as the size of the potential purchase. Most investors choose an exchange that will allow them to grow into their role and trade more than they initially did.

Take the Time to Network

There are a lot of different networks that connect crypto traders. These can be formal and organized, or they can be casual online gatherings such as social media groups or Slack channels. Being a part of such networks can be lucrative and lead to many business opportunities.

Investors often overlook that networking is work in itself and that it requires time and effort. It’s also important to do it in a systematic and organized manner by focusing on the groups that are bringing in revenue or at least useful leads that will bring in revenue.

Considering Diversification

As is the case with most other business endeavors, trading cryptocurrencies requires the investor to mitigate risks. This is best done by diversifying the investment and choosing many different cryptocurrencies to buy in the first place. The currencies need to be divided based on their potential value and the markets in which they are used. It also helps to include the so-called stablecoins that will stabilize a crypto portfolio.

The main goal of a diverse portfolio is not to put all your eggs in one basket. That way, your investments can end up lucrative even if portions of it don’t do as well as the others.

Learn Technical Analysis

There’s a technical part to analyzing the patterns of cryptocurrency values. These are usually presented in visual forms as graphs that the investors need to analyze and use to predict future changes in value. The key indicators are known as candlestick patterns, as that’s how the changing value appears on a graph.

Some investors don’t go into these details and pay the analyst to do the research for them. It’s a possibility, even though it cuts into the bottom line. However, those investors who are familiar with the weeds of things usually make better decisions.

Be Patient

It takes time to earn from crypto trading as the changes in value are sometimes small and happen fast. There’s no shortcut to waiting for the market. This can be somewhat challenging for new investors, especially when compared to those who invest in startups and make their profit quickly.

Patience is, therefore, the key to crypto trading in many ways. This is a skill that can be learned over time. New investors need to be aware of this and slowly build their portfolios and skills in general. It also helps to set up measures that will allow you to withdraw your investments when things go badly (as they sometimes do).

Keep Records

It’s essential to keep detailed records about crypto trading, such as entry and exit points, profits, and losses. These can be made for trades done daily, weekly, monthly, or for any time period you find relevant. It’s also possible to review the records at any of those intervals.

By making it a habit, investors can use the records to spot trends in their trading and change them when it’s the right thing to do. There are plenty of tools out there that can automate record keeping and even some of the analysis.

Stay Informed About the Regulation

Cryptocurrency regulations are changing fast as there’s a change in general attitude towards crypto. Now, when there’s a wider adoption and traditional businesses are accepting the use of cryptocurrencies, governments are looking for ways to impose stricter regulations.

It’s important for investors to be aware of the regulations and to stay on top of the changes. These will mostly concern how cryptos can be used and what personal information the users will have to put online. There’s also a change in how the crypto profits are taxed.


A career in crypto trading can prove to be lucrative, and there are many ways it can go in the long run. It’s not an easy career to start, however, as there’s a lot to learn and prepare for. Investors should do what they can to learn about the industry – both its technical and financial sides- and learn how to use crypto trading tools.

It’s equally useful to stay informed about the day-to-day crypto news, regulations, and crypto exchanges. Try to diversify your investments as you would in any other financial field since it’s the only way to mitigate risks.

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