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How ecommerce retargeting can boost your sales?

The ecommerce sector includes a wide variety of businesses, which use online advertising as main ways to gain customers and boost their sales. One of the best marketing techniques that helps with those goals is ecommerce retargeting. What is it and how can you use it so your company sees the best outcomes? Let’s find out!

What do you need to know about retargeting?

Retargeting is a well-known marketing technique that allows you to reach users who have already been to your website and show them personalized ads. That includes customers who finished their purchase as well as those who haven’t and gives you an incredible opportunity to convince them to come back to your website. E-commerce retargeting uses Deep Learning, which tracks users’ behavior and purchase intentions, so the next ads can be filled with engaging content that will motivate them to go back to your product and services and finalize the purchase.

Overall, ecommerce retargeting includes several steps. First, the user enters your online store or mobile app and performs various activities such as browsing the products, adding them to the cart, reading specific blog articles, etc. All those movements are observed, and the collected data enables the creation of personalized ads for your company, which can be displayed on other websites and mobile apps. In the ideal scenario, after seeing the ads, the user will come back to your online store again to finish the transaction.

Why is ecommerce retargeting important?

It’s easy to see that ecommerce retargeting can be most helpful to larger companies that have well-established websites and mobile apps with a lot of users. That guarantees them access to a big group of users and gives opportunity to perform analyses that will later serve to optimize campaigns. Usually, large online shops will utilize e-commerce retargeting to:

  • encourage the user to see the product and/or service he viewed previously,
  • cross-sell and up-sell,
  • launch brand new product lines,
  • boost limited time offers and discounts.

Main benefits of using ecommerce retargeting

The use of ecommerce retargeting can be highly beneficial to your company. What are the most widespread advantages of this marketing technique?

  1. You can increase conversion rate – e-commerce retargeting uses personalized ads, and users are more likely to finalize the purchase when they see offers prepared specifically for them.
  2. You can lower costs of customer acquisition – reaching customers that have already visited your website is much more affordable and less time-consuming than pursuing brand new clients.
  3. You can decrease ad fatigue – users tend to get irritated when they see ads that don’t match their interests, and by adjusting content to their preferences, you’re much more likely to get positive feedback for your marketing campaign.
  4. You can turn occasional buyers into loyal clients – ecommerce retargeting allows you to target new customers with special offers, which can lead to increased engagement and strengthening ties with your company.

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