Monday, July 15, 2024
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How the flash game industry will change in 2021

Few technologies, let alone gaming and mobile gaming ones, make it to quarter of a century of active service. None should, but few still do because it turns out software development isn’t immune to incompetence, bad management, toxicity, and every other reason people kept suing Uber for while Kalanick was at the wheel. We just always find a way to make poor choices, fail to correct them, and make them progressively worse as a result.

Coincidentally, legend says that “make poor choices, fail to correct them, and make them progressively worse as a result” was the opening sentence of Adobe’s technical documentation for Flash until at least even Steve Jobs got sick of the platform and went all-in on HTML5 with the original iPhone. Luckily for us, nothing that awaits us in 2021 and beyond will be even remotely as radical. Flash has been dying for over a decade now, and the flash game industry, for all its cult status, has already been largely preserved in preparation for the inevitable.

Years of headaches made us overprepare for the actual shuttering, so the shift should be as painless as anything associated with Flash can be

We aren’t here to go through countless Internet archives of Flash games that you’ll be able to access indefinitely after Flash kicks the bucket, and those are easy enough to find already. Also, “Flash kicks the bucket” sounds like the most generic Flash game ever. But anyway, this is primarily meant to be an homage to Flash, as well as a post of appreciation for how after almost 25 years of service, the one thing that won’t become an instant dumpster once Flash dies are games. On account of being the one thing countless millennials started panically archiving back in 2017 when Adobe said it’s killing Flash for total realsies this time, with “this” being three and a half years later.

Remember that Flash classic called All Zombies Must Die!? Flash is essentially putting up a bigger fight than that game’s final boss, its will to live is, quite frankly, remarkable for something that’s been penetrated as many times as Adobe’s media framework was. So, for all the hacks it enabled, it did end up giving us Dumb Ways to Die, so all is forgiven. So, again, just enjoy the games and don’t fret about the flash game industry – it will still be around in 2021 and afterward. In fact, I’d bet you a fiver new Flash games are still being developed in some Russian’s basement to this day. Actually, that may be how Pathologic came to be.

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