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How to Create Explainer Videos

Explainer videos are a gamechanger for engaging viewers and exposing your business’s unique offering, whether you’re pushing a sophisticated SaaS solution or a state-of-the-art home appliance.

Consumers no longer rely entirely on printed instructions or manuals; instead, 69 percent of customers prefer to learn about a product or service by viewing video material rather of reading it.

Explainer videos are also one of the most often used pieces of material for marketing by firms. In fact, video marketers have witnessed a 66 percent increase in qualified leads over their non-video rivals.

So be ready to take notes because we’re going to provide 7 exclusive ideas on how to make a killer explainer film! This tutorial is valuable for both people who are developing their own online video marketing material and those who are looking to hire a professional video production business. ‘

Choose a film style that fits your brand’s personality and aims

Live-action video production is the way to go if you want to demonstrate your product in motion with actual people. It humanizes your brand and allows customers to see themselves using your goods. This structure works well for a variety of narrative styles, from serious to light-hearted to outrageously funny.

Video Animation: Animated videos are more difficult to create without technological expertise and motion design abilities. However, they’re also one of the greatest mediums for catching viewers’ interest with imaginative artwork, character animation, and narrative scenarios that live action and screencast videos can’t match.  Fortunately, there are different video editors available today some with animation and slideshow creator which is user-friendly even beginners can create their artistic animation.

Whiteboard Animation, sometimes known as video scribing, is a sort of marketing film in which whiteboard-style drawings are used to convey a narrative. You may either film a movie with a live animator illustrating or utilize animation software that makes digital whiteboard drawings for the production process.

Professional video explainer production services that ensure high-quality video on-demand are available for all of these explainer video styles. Keep in mind, however, that this choice will almost always cost more than making movies on your own.

Make an excellent storyboard and script

It saves time and improves outcomes to begin the content production process with a good narrative and storyboard. Prioritizing these two parts from the start will help you arrange your whole outline and cut down on the time it takes to make modifications in the video later on since you won’t have to start from blank.

The screenplay outlines what will be spoken in your video, which may be narrated by a voiceover or delivered by actors or workers. Check out our step-by-step tutorial on how to write an engaging video screenplay.

The scenes that will be seen in your film are laid out scene by scene in storyboards. Text overlays, photos, and screen shots are used to map out the structure and sequence of events to be filmed. Create and showcase your storyboard using a PowerPoint or slideshow style!

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Make explainers stand out with distinct branding

This is true not only for explainer films, but for all marketing videos. To optimize ad recall, make sure your brand is high-resolution and easily visible in your film.

Place your logo in one of the top or bottom corners of the screen if it appears throughout the film. If you’re only going to display your logo at the start or finish of the promotional film, make sure it’s front and center.

Make your explainer videos more vibrant by using dynamic transitions

Use motion graphics to visually direct viewers between each scene in order to produce films that flow organically. Storyboarding during pre-production is an important stage in determining where transitions should be placed in your animation film.

Overlay text on your essential explanations

Explainer videos should be both educational and simple to comprehend. By adding text overlays to critical places in your video, you can strengthen your message and help your viewers concentrate.

Use interesting music (but make sure the voice-overs are intelligible!)

The style of explainer video you’re making, your brand voice, and the target demographic of your marketing campaign all influence music selection.

Captions may be added to your explanation video

Consumers are increasingly preferring to watch video content without sound, whether it’s due to being in a quiet public location, multitasking, or just forgetting headphones.

To communicate effectively and connect with the largest potential audience, it’s critical to adjust your video content to changing consumer patterns.

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