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How to Make the Most Out of OTT Media Streaming

The advent of over-the-top (OTT) media services has changed the way in which the world enjoys sporting events. Watching a football match or a basketball game was only possible in the past by subscribing to cable or satellite television, which tends to be relatively costly, especially if you’re only in it for athleticism.

The only requirement for signing up for an OTT service is an internet connection. Most modern households have access to the internet, so this requirement is not as stringent as it would have been many years ago. Many have taken to calling OTT services the killer of cable and satellite TV, just as video killed the radio star back in the ’70s.

Whether this is true or not still remains to be seen.

One thing is certain, however: there are many advantages to signing up for an OTT service, most glaring of which is the fact that you can already do almost anything you can with cable or satellite through the internet. Want to locate a hard-to-find book? TV can’t do that for you, but the internet can.

Paying for a cable or a satellite subscription gives you access to a number of TV channels. Opting for an internet subscription instead opens up a whole world of possibilities that traditional TV can’t quite offer.

Chief among them, for example, is the ease with which you can watch your favorite team slugging it out with their rivals. Pull your phone out of your pocket, turn on your chosen OTT streaming service, and enjoy the match unfolding before your eyes! Who knew it could ever be that simple?

If you’re still not quite sure what OTT means, then you’ve definitely heard of Netflix or Hulu, both of which are pioneers in the OTT field. The Facebook-owned messaging service called Whatsapp is also OTT, since it replaces the need to pay your phone carrier for text messaging.

Differences Between Traditional Media Streaming and OTT

One of the primary advantages of OTT services is that you no longer have to worry about weather conditions getting in the way of your entertainment. A storm could very well spell the end of a planned game night with your friends and family if you’re still using traditional television.

Not only that, but if you want a wide range of channels to browse, then you should expect to pay appropriately. Traditional TV services often gatekeep certain channels from members who have not opted for a high-cost subscription.

OTT streaming is different in that once you’ve made a payment towards a subscription, then you have everything unlocked for you without having to pay an additional fee. Want to watch Netflix? Pay the subscription and enjoy everything within it – which is everything on offer, by the way.

When comparing the freedom of being able to watch whatever you want by following a single subscription model instead of having to empty your pockets for a couple of extra channels, then it’s easy to see why OTT media streaming is superior. Less costly, less stressful.

Another advantage is the fact that OTT is available to you even without a television. OTT services can be accessed through your phone or tablet as long as you have an internet connection, allowing you to view your favorite movies and shows on the go.

That’s not all. OTT services, when compared to traditional television, do not have unskippable ads. While they might have an advertisement every once in a while, they generally offer you the possibility of skipping it, saving you precious time.

There are some exceptions to this rule. Hulu, for example, still includes advertisements. They do, however, give you a choice between ads whenever one would pop up. If you’re about to receive an ad about beverages, then Hulu gives you the option of watching either the Cola, Diet Coke, or the Sprite ad, all at your leisure.

How You Can Benefit From OTT Services

Wondering how to benefit from OTT services?

Imagine this: you’re taking a stroll through the park, enjoying the wind caressing your skin, entranced by the beauty of it all when you suddenly remember that your favorite team is about to play against their rivals.

The issue is, you don’t have enough time to hurry back home – and if you do, then you’ll definitely miss a part of the game while you get the necessary snacks.

OTT streaming completely eliminates that hypothetical scenario by giving you the power to browse through your preferred sports channels without having to be next to a television set. Pull your phone out of your pocket, turn on the internet, and connect to the game. It’s that simple!

The only requirement to signing up for an OTT subscription is that you have to have an internet connection. Comcast users, for example, can sign up for Xfinity Internet and have complete access to their topics of interest without also being overwhelmed by hundreds of additional, irrelevant channels.

No ads, no stress – wherever you want, and wherever. An estimated 50% of Americans consistently use Netflix, and that’s just one OTT streaming service, let alone the other options you have available.

The future is here, and we’re really enjoying it. If you’d like the freedom of being able to watch whatever no matter where you are, then OTT media streaming services are what you’re looking for.

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