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How You Can Prevent Cyber Attacks By Cloud

As a provider of cloud security services, we decided to write an article to raise people’s awareness of cybersecurity. There are many different forms of cyberattacks, and today we’ll speak about how to avoid them. These are the most critical cybersecurity considerations to keep in mind.

Not all cyberattacks are the same, and not all actions and hazards are the same for all of them. As a result, let’s examine the typical behaviors of cyberattacks to learn how to spot them sooner rather than later.

A virus, a trojan horse, or any other dangerous program (malicious software)

Unwanted software is referred to as malicious software since it is placed on your computer without your permission. Hackers often utilize it to infect victims’ computers and gadgets with malware and steal their personal data. (

To come out on top, cybercriminals will try to trick you into opening an attached file, clicking a link, or downloading a program that looks legitimate. Malware can take many forms such as spyware, various viruses, Trojan horse, worm, logic bomb, or even injectors.

How to prevent

  1. Install an antivirus
  2. Install a firewall
  3. Enable multifactor authentication
  4. Apply advanced anti-malware and online threat protection (DNS level)


As a well-known and often used kind of cyber assault, phishing is one such example. Not everyone is trained to recognize them. Social engineering techniques and technological know-how are combined in a phishing assault. Sending emails that seem to be from reliable sources is a common method of launching this sort of assault. An attachment, link, or download may be used to obtain personal information or persuade victims to take action via this pretense of legality.

How to prevent

  1. Install Microsoft Defender or similar depending on your environment.
  2. Teaching users to be vigilant should be your main tactic to prevent phishing tactics.
  3. Launch Phishing Awareness Campaigns


It’s no secret that ransomware is the most popular method of distributing malware on unwary users’ machines. Injecting a script into HTTP or PHP code, ransomware attacks are carried out through unprotected websites. When someone visits a website, fraudsters have the ability to install dangerous software on their computers. Through a concealed download, this is done without the person’s knowledge or permission.

How to prevent

  1. Install an antivirus
  2. Install a firewall
  3. Enable multifactor authentication
  4. Apply advanced anti-malware and online threat protection (DNS level)

In addition to knowing what ransomware is and how to prevent it, it is important to answer the following question: 

Do I have to pay the ransom that is being asked of me?  Keep in mind that paying the ransom does not guarantee re-access to your files. In fact, this encourages ransomware authors to continue their cyberattacks. Moreover, it is more than likely that cybercriminals have already copied your data and shared it on the dark web. MS Solutions can help you monitor the Dark Web so your data doesn’t end up there.

Hacking passwords

By far, the most prevalent method of breaking into your system is password cracking. The selling of information on the dark web is directly linked to this sort of cyber assault.

How to prevent

  1. Implement the best password management practices
  2. Enable multifactor authentication


Denial-of-service attacks, stealth boot, SQL injection, man-in-the-middle attacks, cross-site scripting assaults, and the birthday attack are just a few examples of the various forms of cyberattacks that are becoming more common. Therefore, it is more critical than ever that your computer hardware is secure, and your workers are trained to recognize attempts at a hack.

There are a variety of ways cyber thieves may target you and your company and convince you or one of your workers to fall for their scams. Ensure your cybersecurity and avoid becoming the next victim of a cyberattack and contact the team here to learn more about our solutions.

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