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Is Pepsi’s NFL halftime app the blueprint for the future of big events?

The NFL’s halftime show is an event like no other and draws in millions of viewers from around the world despite only being 12 minutes long. In fact, in 2022 it registered 111 million viewers while five million tweets alone were sent during the brief interval performance. In many ways, the traditional halftime show makes the Super Bowl what it is today and without it, interest wouldn’t be as intense.

If you build it, they will come

Fans of the two teams that are competing in the 2023 showdown may strongly disagree with this. In particular, supporters of the Philadelphia Eagles, who are the favourites in the latest Super Bowl betting odds at a price of 5/6, would laugh off suggestions that the halftime entertainment is the reason that this game has the status it does and not their swashbuckling brand of football.

Admittedly, while the bulk of viewers tune in to watch the game and what the likes of the Eagles have to offer, it’s also worth considering that the average TV viewership for a regular season NFL game sits at 20 million viewers; the Super Bowl TV ratings are almost six times that.

Wherever you stand on the matter, the reality is that the eyes of the world are on the halftime show which is also why a 30-second advertisement slot costs over $6.5 million (over £5 million). In short, the show has no equal and also inspires technological advances in order to appease the demand for fans wanting to get closer to the action. Undoubtedly, the most groundbreaking development to have ever come out of the halftime show was when Pepsi gave fans the chance to enjoy a second screen experience during Super Bowl LVI.

A night to remember

Utilizing Verizon’s 5G technology, Pepsi, in effect, sent out a personal invitation to millions of fans and asked them if they wanted to be a part of the halftime show in a way that they had never previously been able to. All they had to do was download the Ultra Pass from the App Store or

Play Store and then when the big night came, fans could enjoy a live 360 virtual experience of the show. What made the experience even more unique was that given the placement of cameras at the Sofi Stadium during a night when the Los Angeles Rams would be crowned champions, anyone who downloaded the app onto their mobiles had the chance to either stand on the field or even on stage with the performers.

Additionally, the app was free to download which gave those who don’t typically find themselves in a position to be able to attend concerts with such high-profile figures, the chance to do something that they will never forget.

Is the future here?

Owing to how successful this concept was, could this type of up-and-close 360 mobile experience provide the blueprint for shows or sporting fixtures in the future? It may come down to whether or not the world would be satisfied with attending a show on their mobiles but the feedback from an iconic night in California suggests that this type of entertainment ticks a lot of boxes, and could be here to stay.

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