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Keeping the Business Processes Up-to-date with PowerApps Studio

Microsoft Power platform is a collection of several tools such as Power BI, Power Apps, and Power Automate. Each tool can integrate lots of data sources, enabling you to leverage your data across other Microsoft Apps and third parties.

The Microsoft platform enables businesses to build custom apps, automate workflows and analyze data. These custom-built apps are especially helpful in solving your specific needs when off-the-shelf solutions just won’t do it.

What is Microsoft PowerApps?

PowerApps is a software suite responsible for creating applications that run on Android, Windows, and iOS. The fact that it runs on all systems cuts your work and costs by a third.

Very little technical experience is required since apps are designed using a drag-and-drop method rather than using code. If you are familiar with programming and app development, you can create an app for your business without necessarily needing to hire an expert.

Different functions like forms, media, and text fields can be added to the app. It is also easier to store data within your app or connect to external data.

While using PowerApps to develop an app, there are two approaches. Canvas and model-driven approach.

Canvas approach

Here, you create a connection using the drag-and-drop method. Start from scratch, working alone and connecting your own data sources. In a nutshell, you are the master and have complete design control.

Taking the canvas approach needs you to work from PowerApps Studio which lets you design without any obstruction by Microsoft templates.

Model-driven approach

Microsoft’s Common Data Service enables you to build an app based on the information you feed it. This approach lets you define your business rules and data structures firstly, which creates your app’s backbone, and then you can design on top of it. App Designer is needed to build like this.

How to use PowerApps to keep your business processes up-to-date

Access to schedules

It is easy for your team to edit information from another source due to the fact that PowerApps integrates seamlessly with Office 365 well. As such, anyone with access can accept or switch their work schedule since they can access the app from any location.

Employee orientation

Hiring new employees using an app can simplify the process. The orientation process becomes more efficient because they can read through the guidelines, view other information about the team and get a hold of the other members’ contacts.

In-house service requests

Large companies have a lot of in-house service requests in a wide range of areas including IT, customer support, and employee management among others. PowerApps can help you create an app that allows users to notify the service provider that they are needed, just by submitting a ticket.

Field data entry

Employees who are out in the field can connect PowerApps to Microsoft Dynamics in order to fill out sales. They can also login information on which orders need to be fulfilled or which equipment needs repair.

Field service

Field service personnel who are disconnected from the main workforce can use PowerApps to access schedules on their dispatch timings, access documents in remote areas, and communicate in real-time mode.

Holiday management

PowerApps is particularly useful where a large workforce is involved. Keeping track of employees’ holiday requests with such a workforce can be quite complicated. With an effective no-code system, your employees can easily leave requests to enable managers to track employee status of leave and their remaining holidays.

Expense approval

Employees who manually search and input transactions are often stressed. Likewise, managers are always on the run to ensure these transactions are updated.

An expense approval app helps users upload receipt images into the app. The management can then approve or reject the expense claims.

Other examples where PowerApps can be used to improve efficiency in your business include asset management and scheduling customer meetings.

Do you need PowerApps?

The truth is, specific business problems cannot be solved using off-the-shelf software solutions. App development is faced with data integration problems and other security concerns, which makes it expensive as well as time-consuming.

Being one of the easiest development tools in the market today, PowerApps is easy for you to use. Integrating it with other Microsoft tools optimizes it making it a fitting tool for businesses that are already set up in a Microsoft environment.

Building custom tools using PowerApps is a great deal for your business.However, if you are focused on building a more advanced app, remember that PowerApps also comes with its limitations and you have to enlist the help of a developer to build that app for you.

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