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Most Popular and Safest Online Payment Methods

Back in the day, we used to pay for everything by simply using cash. However, today, it’s a much different story. There are many other alternative payment methods (besides cash); especially when it comes to online shopping. So whether you are looking to buy new shoes at an online store, or deposit some money in your casino account – there is a payment method for everything and everyone. Still wondering which are the safest ones? 

Virtual Credit Cards

Even though credit and debit cards are safe for online shopping, people don’t like using them online as much anymore. Why? Due to an increasing number of card numbers being leaked to people who are going to abuse them. Thus, virtual credit cards became the next best thing. 

Virtual credit cards are temporary and are virtual (as the name suggests). They are not issued physically, as a plastic card, and they are entirely digital – while their numbers are generated randomly, inducing the security code and expiration date – and all that data is linked to a user’s account. People who love using these cards usually look to make a single online transaction and this often makes these cards perfect for casino deposits; especially since you can really control your budget through these cards.

Digital Wallets

It goes without saying that digital wallets are super popular today. People who love to shop online, love to rely on their PayPal, Payoneer, Skrill, and similar apps and wallets to make those purchases.

Another great thing about digital wallets (apart from being tightly secured) is that they are available on your smartphone. Almost each and every digital wallet has a phone app that you can access anywhere and at any time. This makes these wallets a perfect payment method.

Additionally, digital wallets are highly encrypted and you can even use tokenization. This new term refers to the ability to substitute sensitive payment information (like your card details) with a token which makes the transaction even safer for you.


Pay-by-phone is fairly new in the online casino industry, and people seem to really enjoy it. What does this mean? It means that you can pay your deposit through your phone bill when it arrives. This method is not yet widely spread around the world, but Canadian online casinos are starting to add a pay-by-phone option, and similar alternatives, to their offers. This payment method can provide an extra layer of security, because basically you need to submit your phone number and that’s it. There are extensive guides on how you can effectively use this method, and it works similarly to paying for parking or public transportation tickets via your phone bill. 

ACH Payments

ACH may seem unknown to you, but this payment method is becoming more and more popular. In these payments, money is transferred between banks with an Automatic Clearing House (or ACH) network, and it does not use the usual Visa or Mastercard network. This system was created back in the ’60s and it was used for federal and state government payments – which makes it a pretty secure option when it comes to keeping your personal information safe and secured. This payment method has greatly evolved since then, and now it also uses encryption and tokenization making ACH highly secure when it comes to online payments.

Cryptos of All Kinds

Last but not least, we have the cryptos – which are gaining in popularity with every day. These are completely decentralized (but that also makes them extremely volatile). But that is not that much of an issue if you love making payments in cryptos. Bitcoin, being the most popular coin, is highly secured, gives room to anonymity and all transactions are secure, encrypted, and almost untraceable. 

You are probably already familiar with the whole blockchain industry and how it all works – and this tech is responsible for cryptos being highly secured. What’s more, more and more online shops, businesses, and casinos are today accepting cryptos, and you can easily make your deposits and purchases without worrying about your personal data being exposed. Plus, you don’t need a bank account for these, which is always a huge benefit.

As you can see, even though cash is still present and probably the most secure way to pay for something (but you can’t use it online), our payment methods are evolving. From digital wallets to cryptocurrencies, there is something for everyone. 

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