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Slots Glossary – A to Z of Slots

One of the most popular games at an online casino, Slots have developed from their retro days of lever and mechanics, to exciting digital versions that you can play whenever and wherever you like.

But along with the excitement of the game, comes a few terms and phrases that can be unknown to any new players. So, if you want to play online Slots, like at for example, then you may want to learn all the jargon for playing Slots before you begin.

Basic Slot
These are usually the more traditional style of slot game, and come with three or five reels. Basic Slots tend to have limited pay-lines and involve retro elements, such as fruit and bell symbols.

Betting Unit
These come in the form of virtual coins or credits, and refer to the amount of stake that you can place when playing Slots online. A player can decide how many betting units to wager, although some games include a minimum and maximum deposit.

Fruit Machine
A term used mostly in the UK, this is a traditional name for a slot machine, as they classically involve fruit symbols within the game. You can find land-based fruit machines, but also online versions of the retro slot game at casino sites.

Line Bet
A line bet is the amount of wager on a particular line landing winning combinations. Some Slots have various pay-lines, so the player can choose how much and how many lines to place a stake on.

This refers to the line which includes a winning combination or pattern of symbols. If this winning selection of symbols should land on this line, and you had placed a wager on that pay-line, then you could win a pay-out. The number of pay-lines can vary from game to game.

This is the amount of winnings you could receive by landing a pattern, combination or matching symbols along a pay-line. The symbols usually have differing values and correlating pay-outs, and this varies depending on the combination of symbols. Pay-out requirements and values also vary between each slot game.

This is a specific name for the columns of symbols used in a slot game. A classic slot will have three reels, and this is the type you’ll mostly find on a land-based machine. But for online Slots, they can have multiple reels of symbols, thanks to the digital technology available.

Random Number Generator
Also known as RNG, the random number generator is a type of software used for online Slots to ensure that the outcome of the game is completely fair and random.

Return to Player
This is a statistic in the form of a percentage, and adds a numerical value to the slot game. Also known as the RTP, it’s the average that the game will pay-out to a player over a sustained period of time. In theory, the higher the RTP percentage, the more likely you are to receive a pay-out. However, other factors and the value of pay-outs can affect the outcome of the slot game.

This is the turn that you take on a slot machine or online slot game. You can wager a certain amount on each spin you take.

Video Slot
This is a name given to the majority of modern online Slots, which involve video elements and digital graphics. These types of Slots also usually involve multiple reels, impressive themes and various pay-lines.

Disclaimer: Gambling can be addictive, please play responsibly. Click HERE for more information.

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