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Tech Trends to Watch in 2022 and 2023

From the metaverse to electronic vehicles, a lot of changes are coming to tech this year. Tech innovations that we’ve heard about for years will start moving from research and development laboratories into the real world. The pace of change is increasing, so this year and the next one should be exciting for tech enthusiasts. We’ve compiled this list to give you an idea of what to expect over the next few months.


The gaming sector will continue to grow in 2023, with analysts predicting a record-breaking $150 billion in deals this year alone. The metaverse is driving this growth as companies like Microsoft and Facebook acquire companies that will allow them to make inroads into this new world. iGaming is one of the most popular forms of online gaming, with players flocking to online casinos. These platforms let players enjoy the casino experience whether at home or on the road. One example is blackjack, a title that has evolved within the online sector over the years into several variants that make for an even greater user experience.

Artificial Intelligence If you haven’t heard of the Internet you can expect to learn about it over the next year. IoT refers to how embedded sensors, software, and other technologies connected to the internet power a range of devices, including household appliances and industrial tools. Artificial intelligence (AI) will play a large role in IoT in 2023, from diagnosing health problems through smartwatches to self-driving cars.

Wearables, smart buildings, and public transportation will use AI and IoT to help keep people healthy, regulate temperatures in energy-efficient buildings, and ensure people get where they need to go. Video games have used AI for quite some time, helping perfect the technology. AI will become a bigger player in other tech devices and appliances this year.

The Metaverse

The Metaverse has been a trending topic ever since Mark Zuckerberg announced that Facebook was rebranding itself as Meta on October 28, 2021. Meta represents Facebook’s focus on developing the metaverse as well as the apps and technologies for this new world.

Zuckerberg’s announcement set off a race between big corporations to get a foothold in the metaverse. While there’s a lot of debate about what the metaverse is and what it will become, in 2022, Big Tech will continue to invest in this virtual universe. Apple, Google, and Microsoft are all expected to introduce headsets and operating systems for the metaverse.

And Big Tech isn’t alone; startups are also seeking to make inroads into the metaverse’s virtual worlds. One of the biggest challenges companies are facing is developing software that will be compatible with the different operating systems that will exist in the metaverse.

After all, the metaverse isn’t one colossal universe connected to a single operating system. Instead, it’s an interconnected world where people can cross from one virtual space to another. The early 2000s virtual world Second Life gave us our first glimpse of how the metaverse of the future may look. For regular citizens, the workplace will probably be their first taste of the metaverse as companies make remote work a permanent fixture.

Immersive Entertainment

Wearable displays such as virtual reality and augmented reality (AR) headsets will become more affordable in 2023. They will give users an immersive experience not possible when using a smartphone, tablet, or PC. Plus, these self-contained small screens allow people to view things privately in public. They are the first step in the progression towards the metaverse.

Another tech innovation is pop-up monitors that will let people pull them out whenever they’re needed, whether on an international flight or a train ride to work. Users can pull these displays out as and when, then pack them up when they’re not in use.

They’ll enhance remote collaboration and serve as entertainments centers for gaming, connecting with friends and family, and streaming. Plus, they’ll feature top-of-the-line audio and video quality.

Gaming will also become more immersive, with portable gaming consoles like the Nintendo Switch becoming increasingly common. Game developers are seeking to replicate the success of 2016’s AR hit, Pokémon Go. So, keep your eye out for some interesting AR games this year too.

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