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The 4 Best Job Search Websites To Find A Remote Job In 2023

Working is a necessity for all individuals who are able to do so. Our economy runs on the things we output into it, making jobs an essential part of our lives ever since trade became a feature of the human experience.

With the job market recently having been transformed so drastically, it was to be expected that most job seekers would be looking for jobs they can do remotely. Demand for remote jobs has skyrocketed in the past two years thanks to lockdowns. This situation showed many employers that remote work is a viable option for many areas of their companies.

Benefits of Remote Work

There are countless reasons why an increasing number of workers want to transition to working remotely, the biggest one being scheduling. Remote work leaves room for professionals to design their own schedules for work as long as they meet criteria and deadlines. Various studies have shown that the flexibility of remote work increases general work quality and productivity.

Employee well-being is also crucial in keeping a company functioning smoothly. More free time or family time drastically adds to employee well-being, making remote work a healthier alternative to traditional office jobs.

The location also influences each employee differently. Some people prefer cozier, quieter environments, whereas others may prefer a colder office environment in order to stay productive during work hours. The minimization of social stressors also increases employee satisfaction.

Companies that switched to remote working have also noticed positive results in cost-saving. The lack of office upkeep has drastically reduced the general costs a company faces every month. Employees have had their commutes erased thanks to remote work which also decreased their personal costs.

Finding Remote Jobs

Most remote jobs can be found on the internet since working remotely necessitate an internet connection and some savviness towards tech. Different professions have different expectations for remote employees. This also means they will be found on different websites.

To specify, remote work isn’t the same as working from home; it is the umbrella term for every form of work being done outside of the headquartered office. This means you could do work from an airport to your home. Since finding a job is done through the internet, we’ve compiled a list of the four best job-finding websites to find yourself a real remote job.


Lensa is a US-based job search platform that is a talent management platform designed with innovation and technology in mind. Their tech-focused method for helping you find remote jobs involves a solid algorithm that will recommend you to the correct employer, as well as a work-style game that uses AI to analyze your soft skills, problem-solving ability, and behavior.

They get over 3 million monthly users, making this site a solid choice if you are looking for a remote job. Users can use it for free; you just need to sign up to take advantage of all the benefits Lensa can provide fully.


While many great job-search sites exist, Flexjobs is focused on organizing their listings also to accommodate remote listings as a large portion of them. They have over 50,000 active job listings on their website, most of which are focused on flexible scheduling or remote work.

This website isn’t free to use, but for a small fee, you are able to find a multitude of possible jobs ranging from entry-level to executive positions, many of which can match your schedule’s needs. The unique element of Flexjobs is they use hand-selected job opportunities rather than AI. This method has its own advantages and disadvantages.

Remote OK

Remote OK provides users with live statistics to show the success they reach when finding remote workers’ employment. With over 800,000 monthly users, this site is a great help for all remote workers. The site uses email to send out listings, as well as social media to list jobs, The company’s social media use increases their site interaction due to the convenience.

We Work Remotely

This site is used by large companies such as Google and Amazon. It claims to be the largest remote job finder, reaching around 2.5 million monthly users. They provide job seekers with hiring company insights as well as specified filtering options when searching for employment. Simple and effective, this site is for job seekers who do not wish to overcomplicate their journey.


Grabjobs is an innovative job search platform designed to help you find remote job opportunities effortlessly. You can explore a wide range of remote job listings, tailored to your preferences and skills. Utilizing advanced algorithms, Grabjobs matches you with the right employers, ensuring a perfect fit. The AI-powered work-style game analyzes your soft skills, problem-solving ability, and behavior, providing valuable insights to potential employers.  Sign up is free, to unlock a world of remote career possibilities.  GrabJobs boasts a substantial user base of 2 million individuals, making it a prominent force in the job search realm.

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