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The best way to benefit from outsourcing studio cooperation

As the gaming industry continues to expand, developers increasingly delegate some or all game development to outsourcers.

The 2020 XDS released a study on game development services engagement by outsourcing agencies. Statistical information was gathered based on 200 inputs provided by top game designers as well as publishers worldwide.
The XDS 2020 reported that 90 percent of developers use outsourcing development studios.

Most developers & publishers outsource services for producing either some or all of those 3D assets, the survey says. That percentage goes way back to nearly one-half if we’re discussing the outsourcing of the 3D tiers, UI/UX, or VFX. This kind of material is deemed to be more challenging to outsource.

Main drivers for projects to be outsourced

According to designers, the primary motivation to outsource part or all of the play is to quickly add expertise. For instance, when a company urgently needs to increase the scope and plug in professionals for new projects who can do the task rapidly and efficiently. Rather than searching for personnel one by one, training people, setting up managerial staff, signing papers with everyone, fitting in with everyone, etc., you can just transfer the whole process or tasks to an outsourcing video game company.

A second equally significant reason is the necessity to produce a larger amount of material. In the third instance, it will be more economical in the long run.

Benefits of gaming outsourcing

With even the AAA Studios not able to handle the required volume in-house, outside agencies’ role is increasing year by year.

Outsourcing is a magic pill against frustration and lost deadlines

Strict deadlines can result in setbacks, burn out, and expensive errors. When you outsource a client’s process, they know the video games production studio will regularly report on their process, documenting the progress of the project on a day-to-day basis. An outsourcing company would take good care of it all – from establishing a timeline for the developer to assigning tasks to them.

Communication is key to business success

Hiring straight is not always beneficial, particularly if a task had to be closed ” yesterday”.  An outsourcing firm already recognizes its employees’ strong and vulnerable qualities and distributes tasks with those aspects taken into account. Since the staff know each other, the understanding within the team is high. The lack of organizational and communication issues is essential for the timely conclusion of the contract and productive partnership.

Outsourcing lowers the risks

If the developer is not confident in a project, yet would like to check the concept, outsourcing is the right way forward. It is too high a risk to recruit your very own crew in such a case. An outsourcing office will deliver a working protocol in a timely fashion, so the client has a chance to check ideas and mechanisms.

One good thing is that developer firms can outsource the whole thing from now on. There’s never been a better time for remote partnerships to work. We all work remotely nowadays, where employees outsourcing can be just as much tied up as any other team person.

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