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The Shift to eSIM: How This Technology is Simplifying Mobile Connectivity for Travelers

Not so long ago, engineers thought: why do you need a SIM card at all if it is, in fact, just secure data storage plus a computing device that is simple by today’s standards? After all, exactly the same data storage can be implemented in the device itself. Then at least it will not be necessary to produce these very SIM cards, sell them, or change them if they are lost or damaged. Why is all this necessary?


Every time you get off the plane abroad, you have to return to the Stone Age without stable Internet and communication or pay a lot of money for roaming with your operator. Buying a local SIM card can solve this problem, but it is not so easy: you need to find a salon in advance, clarify all the details, and the SIM card may not be sold to non-citizens of the host country.

And if you travel to several countries at once and spend only a couple of days in each, then buying a local SIM card makes no sense at all. That is why we decided to draw your attention to eSIM cards for travelers. Today we will focus on This application is the most convenient for its functions: staying connected abroad has not been as expensive as you think for a long time. But first things first.

What is eSIM?

This is an electronic SIM card. The name is short for embedded SIM. In essence, an eSIM card is a special chip in a smartphone that replaces a traditional SIM card. It makes it possible to use the services of various telecom operators that support this technology. To use such a card, you need to download the operator profile to the device, that is, the data plan settings.

The virtual SIM card chip cannot be bought separately; it gets into the device at the production stage. That is why not all smartphones and tablets support digital SIM Cards. Today, you can buy, for example, such devices with an eSIM card:

● iPhone XS, XS Max, XR, 11, 11 Pro, 11 Pro Max with iOS 12.1 or higher;

● iPad Air 3, iPad Pro 3, iPad Mini 5 with iOS 12.1 or higher;

● Google Pixel 3 and newer with Android 10 or higher;

● Samsung Galaxy S20, S20+, S20 Ultra.

The eSIM card chip is physically present in the Apple Watch. However, the technology is gaining popularity, and every year the list will expand.

Why eSIMs are good for travel

Here is a short list of reasons why you would definitely want to use an eSIM card:

● A virtual SIM card is always at hand. It is stored in the phone, so you don’t have to look for a SIM card when you arrive in another country or worry about whether you lost an additional SIM card or not.

● Electronic SIM cards are very reliable. Due to the fact that the virtual SIM card is just virtual, it is not affected by external factors (wear and tear), or internal ones, such as electrical impulses.

● You don’t have to worry about anything. After all, the program code of the digital SIM card will be updated in the background. And all security and usability updates for operators and their customers happen on time and without delay.

● Convenience for travelers. Familiar comfort, namely, laying out a route for a walk, reading reviews about a restaurant, renting a car––it’s easy with an eSIM card.

● Full control. Convenient mobile application has detailed statistics on internet expenses. In the application, you can ask a support question, top up your balance, track expenses, and organize your trip.

Learn more about the YESIM app

The application was created by guys from Switzerland. They gave ordinary people the opportunity to have small traffic packages that operate simultaneously in many countries, with decent expiration dates, and for modest amounts.

In European Union countries, there are 3 GB packages for 9 euros (5 days), 5 GB for 13.50 euros (7 days), or 10 GB for 25 euros (10 days).

The special attraction of YESIM lies in the fact that not only Spain and Greece fall into this data plan, but also not very European Turkey. In total, 126 countries including Australia with New Zealand, China with Hong Kong, South Africa and Korea, Taiwan, and even Ghana.


One of the most anticipated and discussed features was an eSIM card, a built-in virtual SIM card that, in theory, allows both adding a second operator to the phone and easily changing it. For tourists and business travelers, the solution is very convenient: instead of running around shops and comparing local data plans, you can download the application before the trip, set everything up in advance, activate it in parallel with your home number upon arrival, and immediately get in touch with the plane

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