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The Top Ways You Can Update and Upgrade Your Site This 2021

The year is almost halfway through, and many of us are still reeling from the effects of the global pandemic. But as you may already know, businesses are beginning to bounce back – and the economy is set to boom once again. If you own a business and are gearing up for the future, you may also be thinking about upgrading and updating your business’ website. The thing is, business-to-business and business-to-consumer opportunities are still out there, even more so, and it’s the perfect opportunity for your website to rise to the top and reach its full potential. But how can you make sure your website lives up to your expectations and brings forth great rewards? Here are the top ways you can update and upgrade your site this 2021.

Go for a progressive website application

Having a mobile-friendly website is one thing – but having a progressive web application is another. PWAs are becoming more in demand today, and these are sites that are designed to look and feel like an app. By updating your website to become a PWA, it will not only work well on Android and iOs mobile gadgets and devices, but doing this can also cost less compared to designing, creating, and maintaining several application platforms along with your website.

Concentrate on maintaining a stronger social media presence

Today, numerous consumers spend more than half their days on the web, and social media takes up a big chunk of this time. As website design and development experts like Expre Digital Ltd confirm, friends and family also influence many consumers on social media in their decision to visit a site.  The fact is that most individuals love sharing great content, and your website must make sharing content easy and hassle-free. One tiny but significant thing you can do is add a button where visitors can ‘share’ stuff you post on social media. It may be a small step, but its impact can reach far and wide.

Give your users an excellent experience

It has been said time and again: user experience is vital. But you can make your user’s experience even better by making sure they can easily navigate through your site. It’s obvious, but think about it this way: visiting your website should be similar to someone walking through their favourite shop or driving along a pleasant and familiar road. In other words, your website should take your visitors where they want to go, even if they don’t even think about it. Your site should have a good flow, and for you to have this, focus on acquiring good functionality. Having good website architecture can make a difference in your conversion rate as well, and if you have a good conversion rate, you can potentially earn more revenue.

Make sure your tech is up-to-date

The technology you use for your website is your website’s foundation, so make sure your site, mobile app, and more are using up-to-date technology. Monitor every tech layer and ensure that your site is secure and is operating at its optimum range.

Lastly, make sure your website is accessible to all – and this includes people with disabilities. They are an untapped market that you would do well to reach, and in this day and age of increased online competition, it pays to be extra savvy and accessible.

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