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Top Services for Managing Your Business on the Go

For decades, the office was the place where we would go to do our work. Business owners and managers would hold meetings there and make decisions all under the same roof. Working remotely was not just an unfamiliar concept, it was practically impossible.

Today though, business owners don’t need a fixed place of work, they can manage their finances on the train, stay up to date with the progress of projects from home, and communicate with clients from anywhere in the world. And with technology like the best check stub generator, the entire process is certainly much easier.

If you want to manage your business on the go, then try some of these tools.


Xero integrations is one of the best cloud accounting packages on the market. It allows you to produce professional-looking quotes and invoices, track your expenses, and see the current financial position of your business on the go.

You can even connect your bank accounts so Xero can automatically download and match up transactions, saving you countless hours of reconciliation.


Trello is a tool that allows you to organise anything from your shopping list to your latest £1 million project.

It lets you visually move “cards” around a board so that you can see how things are progressing. You can invite your team to share files, add subtasks, and leave comments on each card.

This is a great tool for managing project work on the go as you can check on progress at a glance from the easy to use mobile app for Android and iOS.


If your work involves you meeting clients in person, then it may be useful for you to take payment from them in person. In the past, this meant taking cash and hoping they paid the exact amount or carrying around additional cash to be able to give change.

Today though, Square takes away this hassle by letting you accept card payments from customers. Your customer can swipe or tap their card on the hardware reader that plugs into your phone and you can send them receipts.

Square will also give you stats on your sales history and inventory so you can stay on top of these important elements with ease.


If you charge clients for your time or the time of your team, then tracking how long it takes to complete certain tasks is vital. Without this information, you may be unable to invoice them, or you might even be charging them too little.

Toggl makes it easy to track your time thanks to its browser extensions and mobile apps. Just tell it what you’re working on and then stop the timer when you’re finished.

It can then be used to generate reports that tell you how much time has been spent on each project and by who.

Projects can be assigned to clients, so you can produce client-specific reports to substantiate your invoices. You can even add comments to say what you were doing for a particular during each tracked session.

If you always forget to track your time, Toggl even gives you handy reminders to start a timer.

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