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Top Tips To Help Amazon Sellers Reach Better Profit

Amazon is one of the most lucrative eCommerce platforms in the world. More than 4,000 items are sold on the site every minute. The 2020 stats also show the platform generates sales worth $12 million every hour!

The figures are honestly mind-blowing, and that’s why the eCommerce giant is very enticing for merchants.

Navigating the challenging path to becoming one of Amazon’s top sellers is no simple feat, especially with over 2 million active sellers vying for success; however, an FBA inspection can be a strategic step to enhance your standing in this competitive marketplace.

So how exactly can you beat this competition to increase your revenue?

That’s the question we’ll be answering in this brief review. 

Below are some of the most effective tips that can boost your profits on Amazon:

1.  Be Unique

As we already mentioned, there are millions of sellers on Amazon. And more stores are opened every month. 

Therefore, unless you bring something new to the table, chances are you won’t make any significant sales on the platform. In fact, you will have a very hard time getting your business off the ground due to the well-established sellers boasting thousands of positive reviews.

So how exactly can you differentiate your brand? You need to do comprehensive research on the marketplace.

Look at what the existing sellers in your niche are doing. Go through the user reviews of their products and identify loopholes. 

What are the customers complaining about? Find these pain points, then use them to make better products than your competitors.

2.  Register Your Business

Why should you bother to register your brand on Amazon? And how exactly does it boost your profits?

Registering on Amazon ensures that no one else sells counterfeit products with your brand. This is beneficial in so many ways. First, you won’t be sharing your revenue with someone else disguised as you. This increases your revenue and profits directly.

Second, it helps to maintain the reputation of your brand and products. When customers buy counterfeit products with your name under someone else’s store, they’ll probably leave behind terrible reviews. This hurts the seller, but the damage doesn’t stop there. 

Your brand will also be implicated. This will scare away customers even when you’re selling genuine products.

3.  Utilize Influencer Marketing

Influencers marketing is very effective. People are willing to spend their hard-earned cash on a product that’s recommended by a trusted figure.

Therefore, partnering with key influencers on social platforms like Instagram, TikTok, and Twitter can boost your Amazon sales tremendously.

This marketing technique is also great for brand exposure. Influencers have a commanding following online, so they’ll put your products on the map with a single post.

That said, influencer marketing can be quite expensive. That’s particularly the case if you are working with popular individuals.

But the good news is you can find influencers at different levels. Some may even recommend your products for free. You just need to supply the items and let them test the products on their own.

4.  Boost Your Profits With Content Marketing

Instead of listing your products on Amazon and waiting for buyers to find them, create a separate website and drive traffic to the listing. This is one of the most effective ways of boosting profits on Amazon. 

Plus, you can earn a separate affiliate commission with this technique.

The only challenge here is you’ll need to build, maintain, and rank the website. That means creating content and implementing SEO strategies. 

5.  Pick Your Products Carefully

Sometimes all you need to do to improve your sales is find new products. This effectively reduces your competition.

Products with more keywords are also fairly easy to sell on Amazon. This is because you can rank such products pretty fast, plus you won’t have a lot of competitors to battle with.

But how do you find Amazon product ideas, and how do you explore keywords? As the review on shows, there are some decent tools used for product discovery and keyword research. These tools also give key market insights to help you boost your sales.


Social media platforms like Instagram can drive tons of traffic to your listings at no cost at all. All you need to do is create and grow your account, then start sharing your products on stories and through posts.

You can also invest in pay per click, an agency like Amazon PPC Agency could help you with that. This will cut your profit margins, but it’ll increase your sales and social following.

There are many sellers on Amazon, but the market is big enough for everyone ready to put in the work. The question is whether you know how exactly to boost your listings. 

With the above tips, we’re confident you’ve acquired sufficient knowledge to claim a decent portion of this online market.

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