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Top TV Channels for key financial news

When trading Forex markets or investing in stocks it is essential to be informed about the latest developments in global financial vulnerability data and economic news as well as global geopolitics events. These major events can affect asset prices greatly and are known among traders as fundamental analysis. After getting important macroeconomic information it is possible to generate trading ideas and select assets that have a higher chance of moving in certain directions.

Adding technical analysis to fundamental factors

After getting fundamental news it is important to translate this information into trading ideas and setting the important zones where prices might be heading. While fundamental analysis can lead to identifying major movements in the financial markets, technical analysis using various mathematical tools will allow traders to find entry and exit points for trading. Follow this link to learn about support and resistance zones and how they can turbocharge trading results when used correctly. Actually, support and resistance zones are widely used by professional traders and are one of the most robust approaches to trading together with fundamental analysis. Zones are the cornerstone of Forex and stock trading because they are places where the majority of traders are placing their limit orders and when these important zones are reached many orders get triggered resulting in rapid price movements. Traders are slaves to volatility and when you know where these important zones are it is much easier to catch large movements.

Top TV channels list for fundamental news

Now that we know how to use both fundamental and technical analysis to some degree, let’s switch to actual TV channels to have turned on the background so as not to miss anything important.

Bloomberg Television and website

Bloomberg is one of the leaders when it comes to delivering financial news to wide audiences of international traders and investors. The news platform covers a wide range of markets and topics including news on various financial markets, economics, industries, technologies, politics, wealth, options, and many more. The platform provides collected news topics from all over the world and can be used as the main TV channel for getting informed about important ongoing events. Bloomberg has paid subscription plans too, providing traders with invaluable information including macroeconomic indicators seconds earlier than their actual release making it possible to know upcoming numbers before the masses. This unique service could be used by experienced traders to make huge gains from fundamental news by awaiting market movements before others can react. Another useful service that Bloomberg offers is called Bloomberg Anywhere and it is a terminal that can be used to get news and expert analytics.

CNBC Live and Web platform

CNBC is another super-popular news channel that is focused on financial markets and investment news. If something new happens on a global scale there is a high chance you can hear them on CNBC too. The news platform covers a wide range of topics including finance and politics and its news can be used to form trading ideas when something important happens. CNBC too offers multiple live videos on its website and live feeds of prices of major instruments in popular assets like indices, stocks, and commodities to name a few. CNBC covers markets, business, investing, tech, politics, and many more. CNBC TV offers the ability to listen to audio of the live news or watch live video from a computer. The website also has a watchlist where investors and traders can track their preferred asset prices.

CNN Business

CNN Business is focused on business news and important events. The website is complex and offers a live feed of prices for some popular assets including Nasdaq, S&P 500, and DOW. The platform provides a live TV channel but also has a dedicated TV channel and is providing important news, some of which can affect prices and change market directions. What are the main topics of CNN business news? US politics, World business news. The website has a dedicated section for everything business related with news related to stock markets, Forex, commodities, and indices. The TV delivers news as they are happening and just like others have multiple offices worldwide to provide an on-site unique perspective when something important happens.


Cheddar is another popular streaming and news network that targets business and financial news delivery. Like all platforms, Cheddar also offers the ability to subscribe to newsletters. The news network is available on a wide variety of platforms including Tubi, Roku channel, and YouTube TV. Watching live news on YouTube could be the best way of getting ahead of the curve when it comes to being informed about important macroeconomic news as it can be watched through mobile devices as well.

Fox Business Network

Just like the aforementioned TV websites the Fox News Network also has the option to watch the live TV from their website and it is no less complex and feature-rich than others in this list. The platform provides financial data about news and markets that are up-to-date and constantly updated. Fox News has sports and other diverse topics too and is not solely focused on any niche because of this it can be used to get news about general world events.

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