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Understanding The Phenomenon Of Bitcoin Mining

If you are interested in bitcoin investment, you must be aware of the phenomenon of bitcoin mining. Bitcoin comes with set rules and regulations, with procedures that cannot be changed according to an investor’s convenience.

As the whole bitcoin system is highly decentralized and there is no central authority to control and regulate it, these rules are what keep a balance of everything. An investor can’t go ahead of the limit of 21 million coins while buying bitcoin.

This is a set limit, and you, as an investor, can’t buy even a single coin more than this. If you have bought many coins and don’t know how to keep track of your transactions, BlockFi Bitcoin credit card helps you tremendously.

The History Of Mining

With time, new bitcoins get discovered and are available for mining. Initially, in 2009, when bitcoin came into the market, there were only a few of them available for mining. Later on, more were introduced, and by now, there have been 21 million, which are a part of the genesis block. An investor can use all, or any of them, for the mining procedure.

The procedure of mining brings forward more gold. New and latest versions are introduced through mining and made a part of the market. These discoveries keep on enhancing the market to a wider level furthermore.

Digital Mining; Bringing More Gold Up-front

Through the process of digital mining, new and latest bitcoins are discovered. They are then immediately put out for buying and selling for all the interested investors. The mining process uses an algorithm through which a unique hash comes into the market now and then. Groupings of transactions give rise to these blocks. Any transaction that occurs at a particular period creates blocks, leading to the outspread of this specific cryptocurrency.

The Cost To The Environment

Nonetheless, to bring forward a new block and add it to the older blocks, the miners have to make some effort. They need to solve quite complex mathematical problems. Solving them requires using highly advanced computers with the most sophisticated technology.

Doing this would require them to spend an extensive amount of energy in the form of electricity. These computers themselves are also quite expensive. The electricity circuits utilized to run them smoothly also cost a lot, leading up to 10000 dollars.

The environmentalists criticize the mining procedure used by the experts as the huge utilization of electricity to make it work. To add a single block to the existing set of blocks, the miners need to make sure that their supercomputers keep on operating for several hours, uninterruptedly. This causes a great amount of harm to the environment. Eventually, it affects the profit margins of the miners, as they need to limit down their activities.

The System Of Reward

Every time a miner adds a block to the previous set of blocks, he gets a reward. The reward is stipulated to be 6.25 bitcoins. Hence, it can be said that he gets his return in the form of bitcoin rather than cash. After every four years, the amount of reward is cut to half.

Alongside this, due to the market’s volatility, the value of bitcoin keeps on changing. Hence, a miner is never really sure whether the amount he gets from mining would be justified to his efforts or not!

Is Mining Profitable?

The profitability of mining depends on the situation. When bitcoin has a high rate of return due to the market speculations, mining does provide profitable returns. However, when the market goes down, the return may not be justified by the efforts put into the process of mining.

As the price of the equipment used and the amount of electricity consumed is quite enormous, sometimes the return in the shape of bitcoin is not lucrative when the market price goes down.


The resources used in the process are the only downside of mining. Managing these resources surely helps reduce the amount incurred in the mining and bring forward more gold. Lowering the cost of mining is possible. One can do so by becoming a part of a mining pool.

A mining pool is a system in which miners share the resources. They help them by enhancing their skills by sharing tips while reducing the cost of mining.

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