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Ways You Can Follow Your Workers’ Learning Journey

Every employee of yours has their own learning journey to embark on. However, they shouldn’t walk that path alone!

It’s a good idea to take an interest in these intellectual escapades. That way, you’re better positioned to optimise and utilise your workforce, having a greater feel for everybody’s strengths and weaknesses.

Of course, it’s also about supporting your workers as well. Showing interest makes you a better boss and a more likeable figure – both are crucial for bringing out the best in your employees and ensuring they stick around.

One great way to follow your workers’ learning journey is to utilise mobile technology so that you and your employees can access training modules together. Mobile technology refers to hardware, such as mobile phones and computers, as well as software, such as apps and websites.

There are a few options to consider when trying to be more involved in your workers’ learning journey. Let’s explore what they are below.

Talk to Their Mentors

A mentoring scheme can be pursued internally or externally. Either way, it’s a great way to monitor the progress of your talent, even from a distance.

Running an internal mentoring scheme using mentoring software can be a great way to be more involved in your workers’ learning journey. Those occupying the mentor role should be established in your business, and you can draw on your working relationship to discuss those being mentored in detail. How are they coming along? Is a shift in strategy required? All of these things can be discussed freely among colleagues.

Nobody is above one-to-one support, either. Even senior business leaders are involved in mentoring schemes, either volunteering their time to other businesses or receiving the help of others. These all-important interactions can open up wider conversations and allow workers to compare and contrast experiences and find meaningful consensus. If you outsource some mentoring and coaching needs, some will develop reports for you or have programs and apps you can interact with for insights into each worker’s development.

Use a Learning Management System

Of course, mentors aren’t always around for in-depth discussions. They have mentoring to do, as well as many other obligations.

Consequently, it makes sense to turn to tech. A dedicated Learning Management System (LMS) can uncover many details about you’re the learning journey of your employees. A range of useful analytics can be browsed at your leisure, depending on the platform used. You can gain useful insights into how your employees learn and when.

For example, the LMS from iHASCO lets you monitor staff learning activities. There’s a glance overview of how your organisation is progressing through the training as a whole. Then, there are consolidated training reports, which give more comprehensive insights into individual user training. This LMS provider can also remind your learners to start, complete, and renew their training in an email sent out on your behalf, and they keep a record of those automated reminders.

Utilise Mobile Technology

We briefly discussed this in the introduction, but a great way to successfully follow your workers’ learning journey is to use mobile technology. You can supply your team with phones or laptops to enhance their day-to-day work experience or train them.

This technology could be used for monitoring an LMS that you’ve implemented, or it could be a great way for you to access an employee hub and supply updates easily. It’s fair to say that mobile technology will be imperative to how employees work and learn, with more businesses choosing to work remotely.

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