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What Does the Cost of Software Development Depend On?

Software can be an impetus for more active business development. However, it is important for every owner that investments in this solution are profitable. After all, this is one of the factors of successful strategic planning. The cost is usually determined individually.

To determine how much custom software development service costs, you should use a calculator or contact a specialist. They study the specifics of the situation and take into account several important factors. We suggest you find out what these factors are and why they are important.

Direction and Features of the Project

One of the key factors affecting the calculation of the development cost is the type of project. This can be the development of software solutions based on SaaS technology, the development of business software, the introduction of modifications to applications/programs, the integration of technologies, and other options. Each of the listed projects requires a certain set of skills and tools.

In addition, experts consider functionality. For example, software solutions that require interaction with users cost more. Sometimes on company websites, you can find a software development cost calculator that allows you to take into account the type of project and determine the approximate cost. However, the best solution would be an individual consultation.

The Level of Development Complexity

In this case, a simple rule applies: the simpler the program, the less money you need to invest in it. The level of difficulty depends on several factors:

  • Design features
  • Type of user interface
  • Functionality of the program and its variety
  • Frameworks and language
  • Accompanying documentation, etc.

To decide on all these points, you should consult with a specialist in advance and choose a solution that is ideal for solving your goals. Based on this, the third-party contractor or specialist determines the list of necessary tools and the complexity of the process. An important factor is also the work performed at the stage of maintenance and deployment of the software product.

Scales of the Project

The size of the project also affects the development cost. Specialists offer the creation of large, medium, and small solutions. The first category includes installing database components, performing integrations, and configuring security features. They may have different specifics depending on the industry.

Examples of medium-sized projects can be the development of web interfaces or the creation of small mobile applications. Minor variations usually involve bug fixes or tweaks. The higher price is usually for large-scale projects that require the involvement of several specialists and the use of many tools.

Platform Type

Software solutions can be created for one or more platforms. In the first case, there will be certain limitations, since not all customers use only one platform. In the second case, we are talking about cross-platform programs and applications. These options are more beneficial in terms of user experience and customer engagement because you can reach a larger audience. However, they cost more.


When deciding to outsource software development for your business, it is important to consider several factors. One of them is cost. It must be formed individually. The process takes into account the type of project, the complexity of the solution, the type of platforms, the scale of the project, and other factors.

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