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What Is A Password Manager And Why You Should Use One

All your data and online information are secured through your passwords, which is why a weak one is out of the question. We now understand just how at risk our information can be online which is why it’s never a bad idea to increase protection. Cybercriminal activity is at an all-time high with the plethora of platforms we use now, and it can be tricky trying to come up with new passwords for added security; not to mention how tough it is to remember all of them. Hence, what you need is a password manager. Read on to find out what this is and why you should use it. 

What Is A Password Manager

A password manager helps you achieve security online by storing your passwords as well as any other login information like your usernames. It secures the information that you use to visit any online website as well as your social media accounts. You can either download a password manager app or install a browser plugin. This also makes it easier for you to create strong, unique passwords that can’t be guessed by even the most skilled hackers. 

How It Works

You simply store all your information on a trusted password manager app or browser plugin. Once you have downloaded your application, you will only have to memorize your master password, and the app will take care of the rest. You can also rely on secure password sharing if you share any accounts with your family members, colleagues, employees, or clients. This also prevents you from having to mail private information through unsecured networks.

Why You Need One

The reason you need a password manager is that it is virtually impossible to remember all the different passwords you need to use for your accounts from work emails to personal emails, social media accounts, and website logins. You may think that you can just choose one password and username and use it everywhere but that is very risky. The more you use the same password, the more vulnerable it becomes. It also is jeopardized if one of your accounts gets hacked; you are then forced to change every single one of your passwords. With a password manager, however, you won’t have to worry about weak or vulnerable passwords or having a bad memory. 

Gone are the days where you will have to click “forgotten password” after hopeless attempts at trying to log onto one of your accounts. You’ll also never have to worry about coming up with strong passwords or being targeted by cybercriminals. All you need is a password manager. With this, you’ll have one master password to unlock the vault to all your passwords and login information. You can even choose settings where individual passwords will be generated for each site you use. It’s customizable and very easy to use; a quick google search can help you choose the right password manager app for your device whether you’re using Apple, Android, or Windows. These are safe, most are free, and they also offer benefits if you choose to purchase an upgrade.

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