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What Is SCORM Compliance Standard? What Are Its Benefits

Sharable Content Object Reference Model, also known as SCORM, is a commonly used set of technical specifications for eLearning software tools. Generally, it is an XML-based structure used to describe and retrieve information about learning objects. A scorm compliant must consist of media files, Imsmanifest.xml as well as JavaScript and HTML files. It enables efficient and effective online training.

SCORMs are designed to control three things:

  • The data exchange or run-time communication
  • Packaging content
  • Sequencing

The SCORM compliance standard determines how online learning content should be boxed into a transferable ZIP file. Its two main components are:

  1. Sharable content object– SCOs are identical trackable pieces of online learning programs that might represent one page or the whole course. It is just something that can be tracked or uploaded by an LMS. 
  2. Reference model–  It explains that SCORM is a compliance standard that everyone follows. 

However, with evolving technology, different versions of SCORM compliance standards have been released. Some of them are:

  • SCORM 1.1- It is the very first version of SCORM. 
  • SCORM 1.2- It is the revised version of SCORM 1.1 that eliminated all the drawbacks and grew rapidly. 
  • SCORM 2004- It is also known as SCORM 1.3 gave content organizers more authority over their online learning behaviors and is largely adopted worldwide. Moreover, there are several repetitions of SCORM 2004 including SCORM 2004 2nd version, SCORM 2004 3rd version, and SCORM 2004 4th version.

Nevertheless, there have been several substitutes for SCORM in the market such as AICC or Aviation Industry CBT (Computer-Based Training) Committee and Experience API or xAPI or Tin Can API. 

What are the benefits of the SCORM compliance standard?

Some of the key benefits of using a SCORM compliance standard are:

  • Reusability– One of the biggest selling advantages of SCORM-compliant software is that its content can be reused without wasting time and money. Its plug-and-play function allows users for one-time course creation and issues on a large number of platforms.
  • Affordable– SCORM’s reusability makes it cost-effective. It has reduced the price of combining content into eLearning platforms. Although purchasing SCORM is a bit expensive but once bought and implemented properly, it results in fantastic cost optimizations.
  • Inter-networking– It is the most important benefit of using the Shareable Content Object Reference Model. Interoperability enables e-learning platforms and course content to work together coherently and logically. It also allows integration to happen easily and consistently. In brief, inter-networking means that if an organization changes or upgrades its LMS, its contents will still be accessible in the form of multimedia.
  • Tracking learners– Whether used in an educational setting, for personal use, or in a company, being able to track your students’ results is a prime characteristic of online learning. With SCORM, you can track and trace several aspects of learners such as lesson data, learner’s progress, lesson location, raw score, session time, suspended data, and more. 
  • Resilience– SCORM enables development and changes in the field of technology without costly reconfiguration, recoding, and redesign. Using a wide array of Shareable Content Object Reference Model authoring tools, you can swiftly and entirely alter the content without affecting the continuity or the stability of the training programs. 
  • Others– SCORM allows you easy accessibility to content anytime, anywhere. It can combine instructional components for several applications and uses. Moreover, it is high-yielding and functional. 


Using SCORM compliance standards means stress-free content creation, measurement, and delivery. But, it also has some limitations and drawbacks. Therefore, with technological evolution, most companies are grasping the benefits offered by SCORM to set up learning with their organizational aim. 

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