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What To Do Before Selling Your Old Phone

When it comes to selling an old piece of electronics, there are certain precautions you should take to protect your personal data from being lost or getting into the wrong hands. The following guidelines will help you understand what to do before you sell your phone so it is a safe transaction for you and the buyer.

Back up your data

It is imperative that you do a backup of all your photos, videos, personal data, third-party app data and anything else you need to transfer over to a new phone once yours is out of your possession. You can do this by uploading your information to the cloud or getting a company to do the backup for you. This way, you will make sure that all the information from your phone is safe and you won’t lose any important pictures, contacts, or projects when you upgrade.

Upload photos and videos to the cloud

You can temporarily purchase extra storage space on iCloud or Google Drive depending on which system you are using. This allows you to back up all of your photos and videos which can take a lot of space and keep them safe until you can load them on the new phone. The cost of this is usually only a few dollars a month and can be cancelled when you no longer need the storage.

Set your phone to factory presets

Once you have backed up all of your important data including photos and videos and have them safely in online storage, it is time to clear the phone of any personal information. When you go into the settings on your phone, you should find one that will take it back to factory presets, or restore it to the way it was on day one.

Save yourself all this work and let Gizmogo buy it

If you are starting to think that “this is a lot of work for me just to sell my phone“, then try a company like Gizmogo which will make the whole process effortless. They will assess your devices and give you an estimate based on the fair market value of your electronics that will be good for 15 days.

Other ways Gizmogo makes selling your phone easy include:

  • Free shipping – Gizmogo will send you a waybill for your boxed device so you can ship it to them for free by UPS or USPS. Once they receive the product, they will examine it for resale value
  • Best price – The experts at Gizmogo will examine your device or devices and give you an estimate of what it is worth at a fair market value. This estimate is good for 15 days and if you don’t accept it, they will ship the devices back at no charge.
  • Fast payment – If you decide to take the money and run, then payment is sent and received usually within 24 hours by one of their convenient money transfer choices.
  • Data protection – You can feel confident knowing that your personal information is safe with Gizmogo. They will wipe your device clean of all personal data and ensure that no sensitive information can get into the wrong hands.

These guidelines should make it easier for you to know what you need to do before selling your old cell phone. You have many marketplaces available where you can post your phone once you have backed it up and erased it. Or you can make it even easier and bypass the whole process by sending your device directly to Gizmogo for a great price and peace of mind.

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