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OPINION Four ways WebRTC can benefit your business

Every business strives for boosting its operational efficiencies, enhancing customer service, and in turn increasing the bottom line. These goals are not so easy to reach, but with sophisticated technology in place, they don’t seem so far-fetched, either, writes Yana Yelina.

To get tangible business value, you don’t need to jump in technological know-hows with both feet. Quite often you can close the necessary gaps with just one WebRTC (Web-based real-time communication) tech that has gained incredible traction during the pandemic. Read on to find out why real-time communication tech is touted to be the optimal one.

Bolstering collaboration

Experts in WebRTC development cite increased collaboration as one of the key benefits of implementing audio and video conferencing. And the technology’s ability to provide frictionless face-to-face interactions with features like co-browsing, screen sharing, virtual whiteboards, and multimedia file sharing makes it a great fit for enterprise-grade communications.

Moreover, WebRTC technology proves its worth across different industries and business domains. As of healthcare, physicians can use real-time communication tools to not only deliver a better remote care experience, but also connect with other medical experts for collaborative decision-making.

WebRTC solutions are also key to organizing large-scale business events. Underpinned by a highly scalable architecture, multiple CDNs, and real-time interpreting into multiple languages, such a system can easily broadcast for thousands of concurrent participants from all over the world.

Improving customer service

Another area where WebRTC perfectly finds its feet is customer service. If you plan to grow on the eCommerce market, leverage this technology to provide tailored video and audio consultations spanning product descriptions, special offers, payment option details, and more.

WebRTC solutions can be instrumental in showcasing the items that are difficult to use and set up, including home appliances and furniture. And launching online video-based auctions for increased client engagement will also give you a leg up in the eCommerce race.

Besides, WebRTC can spare businesses the need to address some common consumer complaints with individual video calls with the help of intelligent chatbots. Previously trained on the key scenarios, such virtual assistants have the potential to enhance customer support without involving additional staff.

Increasing employee efficiency

No matter the industry they’re in, 70% of business people need professional development. So if you want to meet your staff’s needs to the fullest, leverage online training. Empower your learning management system with an advanced WebRTC module to enable effective continuous professional education for your regular employees, new hires, as well as C-level executives.

Being key to staff education, requalification, and reorganization, real-time communication technology will seamlessly close your training gaps, putting your enterprise in a position to improve customer satisfaction and expand revenue opportunities.

Besides, you can use WebRTC technology to create virtual hang-outs. This will help you boost engagement and improve employee productivity.

Enhancing physical security

Combined with IoT devices, WebRTC is able to revamp physical security within your enterprise. WebRTC-based surveillance presupposes smooth video streaming, allowing the guard to see what exactly is going on outside the office or a particular department, speak to visitors, and prevent unauthorized people from entering the building.

Direct a live stream from door alarms, sensors, and AI processing engines to a web browser app on a large monitor as well as to the networked video recorder — for later checking. To help your security team accelerate the response to alerts and accidents, enable mobile live streaming.

If you want to take up a notch, pair up your WebRTC solution with artificial intelligence for advanced video post-processing that includes computer vision-driven object detection and tracking, suspicious activity identification, and automated highlights generation.

WebRTC is here to bring value — go for it

With automation being its key business benefit, WebRTC is not a hyped up topic anymore, but the sought after technology that can be implemented on the enterprise-grade level. By introducing smooth and robust real-time communication, you can notably improve your business in terms of operational efficiency, customer service, staff productivity, and property safety.


Yana Yelina is a Technology Writer at Oxagile, a software development company based in the USA. You can reach Yana at or connect via LinkedIn or Twitter

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