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SEOZoom, your ally for climbing Google SERP

Choosing the right search marketing software for your business may seem like a daunting task. You might be tempted to opt for the cheapest option, but that may not have all the features you need. Or you might think about using multiple marketing tools, but this may ultimately cost you more time, effort and expense. So why not consider SEOZoom, the all-in-one platform with all the features you need to perform your SEO and content marketing activities?

One software for all your SEO needs

SEOZoom, which can be reached from the home, is the most comprehensive SEO and Web Marketing suite on the market, a unique tool with which to analyze, monitor and boost a website and achieve high performance on Google. Launched in 2015, the software now has more than 25 thousand customers in Italy alone and is also available with an English version for the UK market, joined by dedicated organic performance analysis versions for Germany, France and Spain.

With more than 40 different tools and innovative and always updated features, SEOZoom can help large companies, professionals and bloggers every day to make SEO activities more strategic for any type of website both desktop version and mobile version, and will be the right tool to grow your business.

Save time and get crucial information with SEOZoom’s unique features

With SEOZoom, you can save valuable time by doing everything in one place: you can gain access to crucial information about your market, your competition, and your audience. Use this data to support your strategy and get a higher ROI from your marketing efforts.

Key features of SEOZoom include a huge keyword database that is superior to that of competitors, specific tools to identify the search intent of all content, analysis tools to report content cannibalization and wasted crawl budget, functions to predict seasonal keywords and plan an optimized strategy on a monthly basis, and much more.

SEOZoom then boasts some original and unique features, such as the Time Machine, a valuable resource for investigating unexplained traffic drops; the Zoom Authority, a metric that has emerged as a benchmark for assessing a site’s quality; the SEO checklist, useful for managing the optimal workflow for the site; and most importantly, the SEO Spider, which is free and included in the platform.

The editorial assistant, more than just an analysis tool

But the real feather in the cap of this software is called the Editorial Assistant: imagine having a personal assistant that analyzes every page of your website in real time, providing you with detailed SEO analysis to improve it. Here is the “secret” of this feature, which is the beating heart of SEOZoom: its power lies in its ability to perform all analyses in real time, giving you a complete and up-to-date picture of your website.

For instance, the Editorial Assistant is able to identify keyword clusters by analyzing all the Google SERPs where your competitors are present: it doesn’t just show you the keywords used by your rivals, but also shows you how they used them, to get a broader view and better understand the strategies of your competitors that are achieving online success.

In addition, the tool delves into the world of search intent and doesn’t just focus on a single keyword: in fact, it manages to analyze the search intent behind a concept, supporting your content optimization efforts based not only on keyword placement, but on satisfying relevant topics according to users and search engine.

In other words, the Editorial Assistant provides you with the information and tools to create more useful and performing content: it shows you where you need to take action, how your competitors did, and how Google liked it, proving to be a valuable ally for any website owner or search marketing professional.

Try SEOZoom and set out to conquer Google

Thanks to these features, SEOZoom in just a few years has outperformed competitors in the Italian market and is now ready to impress the UK market as well. Another strength of the software is its ease of use: the interface is practical and intuitive, to be understandable even for those with limited experience in SEO and search marketing or unfamiliarity with the tools. This is why everyone can learn to use SEOZoom in no time and thus work more strategically, to optimize site performance and analyze all aspects that can grow an online project.

Try it now and start to appreciate all the features of SEOZoom, which will quickly become an indispensable ally for optimizing site performance, improving all content, spying on competitors. In a nutshell, SEOZoom will be the one tool you need to work more strategically and effectively, so you can climb positions on Google and see your site’s returns grow.

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