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    Why I am going to World Telemedia Marbella

    With World Telemedia Marbella kicking off next week on 18 October, we ask some of the key players why they are going to be there.

    Kevin Dawson, OXYGEN8

    We want to meet new customers who are looking to integrate mobile payments. Oxygen8 staff are well experienced within telecommunications and are happy to consult and advise new players in the market about the global payments space and how mobile has such a compelling role moving forward.

    We have an increasing Africa footprint: Oxygen8 remain a leading mobile payments provider globally and we are increasing our connections in South Africa, Uganda, Tanzania, Rwanda, Mozambique and Kenya during 2016 & 2017. Mobile Money in Africa – Similar to Safaricom’s MPESA solution, Oxygen8 can now offer the purchase of physical goods via carrier billing in Africa with up to 97% payouts.

    We also offer USSD in Africa – USSD (Unstructured Supplementary Services Data) is an old technology (2 way conversation) which works good in Africa as most people have low level phones.

    In the UK we offer Virtual Mobile Numbers (VMN), VMN voice & text, International voice and domestic PRS and we are focusing on DCB opportunities

    We are also launching of physical goods mobile billing for UK merchants, through the use of Oxygen8’s own e-money licence and platforms. Launching in collaboration and partnership with UK MNO’s.

    Rob Jonson TELECOM2

    Telecom2 and its team have been attending World Telemedia for many years, for anyone involved in the  payments, telecoms fixed and mobile space this is the must attend show for new business, building existing relationships and informative sessions to keep you up to date on the latest innovations and regulatory changes.

    Telecom2 will be available for discussing the new Spanish ranges from our Spanish company Advanced Voice and our 2Reach product that comes as our standard package for customers to easily view our ranges for access from particular countries and from mobile and fixed networks to find the right number range for you and your customers.

    Alan Partington will also be hosting a session entitled Addressing billing disputes and AITs in UK domestic voice.  Over the last few years there has been a lack of clarity on following contractual detail and commercial awareness that means an increase in spurious and blanket retentions and an increase in billing disputes resulting in operators being penalised with businesses and reputations damaged.

    The aim is to look at how to handle disputes and AIT cases and to discuss what can be done to encourage Ofcom to take an active role in the regulation of the Standard Interconnect Agreement, If you are a business owner, Billing manager or financial Manager or Director then this is a must attend session at WTM this year

    Claire McLaughlin, Veoo

    The Veoo team are really excited to be strategically involved with World Telemedia this year. With new products, new global offices and an increased product range, Veoo really is putting mobile on the map. Catch Veoo CEO, Matthew Winters expand on mobile wallet features, new to market content, charge to mobile updates and much more. Mobile technology is without a doubt the most consistently used technology by any age group and breakthroughs in handset resolution, data capacity, pricing and security mean that 7/10 tasks can be managed from a mobile. In the UK alone, 97% of the population keep a mobile with them at all times, so the hard work has already been done! Potential customers are already walking around with a single device that consolidates things they use on a daily basis. The ball is now in the court of individual businesses to put an already established engagement technology at the centre of their marketing strategy. In a growing and changing market Veoo and World Telemedia will show that expansion can mean innovation rather than saturation.


    At TalkTalk Business, our heritage in voice services spans more than 20 years, following on from the NGCS changes and the recent review for 20 additional price points, we have the ability to offer all non-geographic and Premium Rate number ranges including Higher Rate Premium Rate Services.  Aggressive and frequent outpayments gives our partners the flexibility required in a well-established market. Our online portals allow full call management and reporting, enabling you to have full control and visibility of your services.

    Earlier this year we also unveiled our latest SIP innovation with our World SIP and International Numbers proposition, which allows Partners to unlock this highly profitable, untapped market. The International Numbers service allows UK companies to choose either a freephone or local landline number from over 110 countries, diverting it to any existing fixed line or mobile number. This makes it easier for Partners’ international customers to reach them by using our cost efficient International Numbers service.

    In addition, World SIP allows Free international inter-company calls with local in-country tariffs giving partners a single point of contact and centralised bill management. World SIP enables multi-national organisations to take advantage of reduced international call charges between their sites and offers local breakout, with a full range of in-country numbers.

    Piero Bertini, PHONEGROUP

    Phonegroup has been a leading IPRS aggregator for over 12 years – continually striving to provide better and more innovative services the Telemedia industry year on year. They believe that by not having their own call centre and by only focussing on providing International Premium Rate solutions – their resellers and content providers can be confident that that customer CLIs remain safe. They also don’t offer factoring; which means that they are never in competition with their clients.

    With a long standing reputation for secure payments and excellent traffic management, Phonegroup now have a range of exclusive interconnects with carriers that don’t generally accept VAS promotions on their network. Phonegroup are the official aggregator for Globalstar Europe and Middle East, Oration, UPT, and many other exclusive ranges for voice and SMS, so make sure you visit us at Mini Lounge 10 and find out about exclusive ranges, new rates and access points.


    We’re bringing out more people than ever before  – Armando Trozzo, Andreas Sheritis and I have dealt with more telecom focussed advertising and marketing than any other agency in Europe!

    We’re looking forward to discussing the communication and route-to-market requirements of the businesses attending and their clients. In a world that’s changed as much as ours has keeping abreast of developments has never been more important.

    While TV, radio, out of home and press still provide valuable marketing opportunities it’s the efficiency, measurability and tracking of digital inventory that has driven new levels of customer engagement and response.

    Digital advertising, social media and search marketing has created more change in the last 3 years than the 30 preceding and the demise of most forms of traditional adverting and marketing methods has meant the advertising industry has had to largely re-invent itself.

    Programmatic media planning and buying has introduced efficiencies that can make digital marketing many times cheaper.  It’s therefore vital for anyone spending on any form of advertising to become more competitive and partner with advisors that  have invested in a dynamic DSP (demand side platform) and apply experience and years of know-how to making their investment perform better, increase return and drive response.

    This is still a business based on relationships despite the rise of machine learning and automation.  High level contacts at media owners ensures that through us our clients are given the information to make well informed decisions about their media strategies and their buying tactics.

    We are all looking forward to meeting attendees and exhibitors at what promises to be the best WTM yet!

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