Monday, April 15, 2024
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    i3forum trials its numbering plan initiative for carriers with Morocco database

    i3forum, a not-for-profit industry body enabling and accelerating transformation across the carrier ecosystem, is conducting a user trial of its Morocco numbering plan database.

    The database was developed through carrier collaboration and is designed to provide a shared resource for internal numbering plan data.

    Seven global tier 1 carriers shared their numbering plan data for Morocco, which was anonymised and formatted into a single data set, using ITU and NRA input as definitive sources when necessary.

    Primary benefits of the database include a reduction in fraud cases, higher efficiencies in internal numbering plan management and maintenance, reduction in billing disputes, faster dispute resolution and improvements to routing, pricing, billing and procurement. The database provides a single reference for carriers, maintained by a single entity on behalf of the industry.

    “We have received positive feedback from participating carriers who are seeing the benefits of using a central database in Morocco. High-quality data solves a range of challenges for carriers and demonstrates the power of collaboration in our industry,” says Philippe Millet, Chairman of i3forum. “Our work group is exploring the idea of building a central, standardised, numbering plan database for the greater international carrier community and this is the first step on our journey.”

    The central and standardised database was developed by the i3forum Numbering Plan Initiative work group, with the goal to solve long standing problems that carriers face in the industry. Without a reference database for reliable, verified and synchronised numbering plan information, carriers face the high cost of maintaining internal numbering plan databases, as well as inaccurate and inconsistent data throughout the international carrier community.

    “We’re extremely pleased to see our ideas become initiatives that directly benefit the carrier community. Our numbering plan database was developed by carriers for carriers and the success of our first trial opens doors for rolling it out in additional countries,” says Millet. “We encourage more carriers to join the trials and with the support of more carriers we can roll it out in additional countries.”

    With the success of the initiative, i3forum welcomes more carriers to join. Through collaboration, the database can be expanded in additional markets while we develop the requirements for a centralised platform and an update engine. This will provide reliable, accurate and up-to-date numbering plan information to all participating carriers.


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