Tuesday, April 16, 2024

    Infobip rolls out stock options to all employees worldwide

    Global cloud communications company Infobip  is rolling out an employee stock option plan (ESOP) to all employees across the staff base, ensuring everyone shares in the value they help to create.

    The move comes after a period of expansion following acquisitions of US voice provider Peerless Network, US messaging company OpenMarket, the Shift Conference franchise and SMS firewall provider Anam, as well as teaming up with Adobe – all marking important milestones in the company’s growth trajectory. Employees at all levels and across all offices worldwide who are not currently part of the ESOP plan will be automatically enrolled. Stock options will be available for around 2,500 additional team members while all future new hires will automatically qualify.

    Infobip’s CEO, Silvio Kutić comments: “A crucial part of the employee value proposition, ESOP is the foremost initiative that rewards staff for their contribution to the company’s evolution through compensation over and above their salaries.It is an honour and a privilege for us to reach a juncture where we can make all staff a part of our growth story as shareholders. We already initiated the policy a few years back and extended ESOP to individuals who have been critical partners in our journey, but today we have made this a universal benefit.”

    The ESOP plan is in addition to employees’ current compensation packages.

    “As an organisation, we are now in the next phase of our exponential growth trajectory,” concludes Kutić. “We need to make sure that everybody is fully invested in the ambitious growth plan we have in place over the next few years. That is how they will create value, not only for the organisation, but themselves as individuals over time.”

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