Tuesday, July 23, 2024
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    Infobip, Singh and Twilio come out as CPaaS market leaders in Juniper Research Competitor Leaderboard for 2024

    Juniper Research’s new Competitor Leaderboard for CPaaS (Communications Platform-as-a-Service) vendors reveals the messaging service providers best prepared for CPaaS disruption.

    The robust methodology assessed a broad selection of 22 leading CPaaS platforms; scoring them on their product strength and positioning, as well as their capacity and capability. This included their market presence and the depth of value-added services offered, such as messaging routing and fraud detection services.

    The leading 3 platforms for 2024 are:

    1. Infobip
    2. Sinch
    3. Twilio

    An extract from the new report, Global CPaaS Market 2024-2028, is now available as a free download.

    Still high growth, but . . .

    The new report also forecasts SMS business messaging traffic via CPaaS platforms will rise from 400 billion in 2023 to 498 billion in 2024; an annual growth of 24%.

    Whilst very buoyant, this growth is a slowdown from an exceptional 33% the previous year. The report predicts increasing international SMS business messaging termination rates, driven by growing levels of fraud in SMS networks, will drive many enterprises to abandon SMS as a communication channel entirely; reducing demand.

    The report recommends that to combat fraud and rising prices, leading CPaaS platforms must create whitelists of messaging aggregators to remove fraudulent players in the ecosystem. In addition, they must implement self-regulated A2P SMS prices to counter rising costs for enterprises.

    Research author Sam Barker says: “The three leading platforms have excelled at providing fraud mitigation capabilities to enterprises. We also expect these platforms to be amongst the first to introduce aggregator whitelists to reduce fraud and offer cost-efficient SMS termination prices. In turn, they are well positioned to set themselves apart from competitors via pricing of this key CPaaS service.”

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