Friday, April 19, 2024
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    Infobip works with BT to showcase benefits of RCS Business Messaging to more UK businesses

    Global cloud communications platform Infobip is supporting BT’s RCS launch through the development of a visual demo flow, which is being used to showcase key benefits of RCS Business Messaging to more business customers across the UK.

    Built by Infobip within a matter of hours, BT employees and potential customers can text an SMS short code (88440 in the UK) to explore all key elements of RCS Business Messaging – for example real time confirmations, carousel product suggestions, Google Maps configuration, calendar integration and embedded video.

    RCS signifies the next generation of SMS, offering rich media, branded and verified messages, all within the confines of the native messaging app on Android devices. This means the ability for brands to send larger, higher-quality images, to stream audio and video, to foster better conversational chat capabilities, and to see a read receipt, so brands know once a message has been seen by a customer.

    Infobip has also signed an agreement with BT to offer access to RCS Business Messaging on EE, the number one network in the UK, to businesses in the UK and beyond. Businesses like Papa John’s have already seen the benefits of RCS Business Messaging, having run a three-day campaign over the EE network via Infobip, in collaboration with Google RCS Business Messaging for a vegan pizza offer. The fully customisable branding provided an app-like experience for customers.

    Chris Pozzi, Partnership Growth Manager, Operator Partnerships, Infobip, comments: “RCS isn’t a new term, but the consensus from many industry experts is that now is the turning point for it to move from an experimental feature, to one of the most exciting forms of communication. You can use it to converse with a customer as you would do a contact on a messaging app, link through to maps, videos, special offers – even manage payment – all from the comfort and security of the SMS inbox, which we know has one of the highest open rates.”

    Robert Jones, Head of Messaging at BT’s Enterprise unit, said: “We’re really excited by the possibilities of RCS, and want to equip our sales teams and business clients with the tools to visualise how it can be used in the real world. This unique RCS Business Messaging agent created by Infobip enabled us to do just that, allowing us to quickly demonstrate to customers the creative possibilities of the platform.  We look forward to working with Infobip as we look to support more businesses across the UK to deliver RCS campaigns and experiences.”

    To support the access of RCS Business Messaging in the UK, BT Google and Infobip hosted a virtual RCS bootcamp, where developers from across the country learnt skills in building rich, interactive customer messaging. There are plans for similar workshops this year.

    The announcement follows the official launch of BT’s RCS Business Messaging with Google in December.


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