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    Interactive mobile-based quiz technology increases pub sales by 70%

    Staffordshire-based pub, The Crafty Sow has seen an average increase in sales by 70% in just two months since introducing a mobile-based – and Google-proof – quiz as part of its entertainment.

    The Crafty Sow, operates as part of the Stonegate Pub Company, but with sales plummeting across the pub and entertainment industry over the last decade, Team leader, Kim McCreadie was keen to find a way to boost the pub’s profits.

    Kim McCreadie approached the creators of KwizzBit, the interactive digital entertainment platform, in June 2017, after hearing about the success of the software from other local venues.

    A multi-faceted online quiz platform, Kwizzbit provides a unique cloud-based solution which customers can access on their smart phones. Having attracted attention from a variety of sectors, Kwizzbit has ambitious plans to roll out the game through pubs and clubs across the UK

    Kwizzbit enables hosts and venues to deliver a unique interactive quiz through an internet browser and broadcast to people’s smartphones and tablets creating a game show format in a real-time quiz environment. Originally intended to transform the traditional pub quiz, Kwizzbit is currently being tried and tested with several pub chains and has already been part if a major industry showcase.

    McCreadie purchased a trial of the unique quiz entertainment for customers old and new to enjoy which would encourage footfall and increase bar sales midweek.

    She explains: “I was given the task of starting a quiz night at The Crafty Sow and I wanted the evening to be unique and stand out from competitors. Using a technology-based quiz seemed to fit the venue perfectly and would make for a much more interesting night than a regular pen and paper format. Two months on, The Crafty Sow has not been disappointed with the feedback it has received from customers regarding KwizzBit.”

    She adds: “We tend to get a lot of feedback about our Crafty Kwizz; the fact that it is un-googlable, points based, and accessed from a mobile device is what keeps our new Kwizzers Kwizzing. We are also getting a lot of compliments from customers about the fact our quiz is so much more fun than traditional pub quizzes.

    “The fact that attendees can see the leader board is brilliant because it helps to bring out their competitive side and keeps things very interactive, with a game-show atmosphere. We even have a dedicated display where the winner’s photographs and team names are presented, along with a trophy.”

    During the first four weeks of using KwizzBit, The Crafty Sow’s sales increased on average by 25%. The quiz now runs at 7.30pm every Wednesday, coinciding with the pub’s promotional drinks offers between 5pm and 8pm, Sunday to Friday. This keeps customers on site longer than they usually would midweek and visiting the bar more frequently.

    KwizzBit is hooked up to several big screens at the venue so that everyone can view the live leader board. With six players per team, The Crafty Sow charges £1 per head and the winning team takes all.

    “We do have fantastic support from the KwizzBit team; questions and queries are answered immediately and we catch up every Thursday to discuss how the Kwizz went the night before for us,” she says. “The Crafty Sow now has regulars that come here every week to have a go at winning or to defend their KwizzBit title. We currently have an average of ten teams a week but I firmly believe we can get this up to twenty at the rate our quiz night is growing in popularity.”

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