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IPification launches one-click mobile phone verification solution in the UK


IPification, the creator of new technology for passwordless one-click mobile authentication, phone verification and fraud prevention, announces the launch of their one-click phone verification solution in the UK.

The solution is currently in the final phases of testing and deployment, with the release date set for mid-February.

IPification phone verification will be available to all app developers, banks, fintech, entertainment, gaming mCommerce, and other businesses looking to easily replace deprecated and insecure SMS OTP used in registration, login, and transaction verification processes. Based on IPification data, app businesses implementing IPification one-click phone verification, saw a decrease in the mobile app user registration drop-out rate from 40% to 5% depending on the use case.

IPification CEO, Stafan Kostic explains: “After launches in the EU, Southeast Asia and LATAM, this marks a new phase in the company’s global operations going forward. We are expecting that, alongside one-click phone verification, IPification will be able to deploy SIM swap detection and device detection solutions in 2021. We know how big problem fraud attacks are for mobile users in the UK, and together with mobile operators we aim to solve that”.

Entering the UK market is another major stepping stone for the company, whose mobile authentication is already available in 11 markets with more than 350 million mobile subscribers.

IPification has already rolled out its tech in Cambodia and Peru, as well as being a partner with Mircrosoft Azure, with its one-click authentication solution.

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