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IPification password-less, one-click login and authentication available in Peru


Benefit Vantage Limited, the developer of IPification one-click authentication solution, has deployed its advanced mobile user authentication and phone verification solutions in Peru. Currently, IPificaiton has been integrated within one mobile network operator and awaiting deployment among others.

“Integrating our solution with mobile operators in Peru is the key step for providing the best mobile authentication technology to local and global service providers,” says Stefan Kostic, IPification’s CEO. “Now banks, online retailers, video and music streaming apps, gaming companies… and other service providers with users in Peru can get the benefits of an authentication solution that provides top-notch security, protects their users’ privacy and provides an exceptional user experience.”

With patented technology, GMiD box, IPification enables service providers to immediately start using products like Secure DCB, Passwordless Authentication, Phone Verification, SIM Swap detection, and others so to provide quick and easy user registration, login, and verification, with minimal user interaction – authentication can be activated with a single tap or run completely in the background (zero-tap verification).

Service providers can use IPification’s technology to enhance the registration flow, improve login experience, and thus achieve higher user retention, activity and loyalty. IPification also offers maximum protection against fraudulent activities, especially against device change and SIM swap attacks.

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