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    International Premium Rate Numbers comes of age

    International Premium Rate Numbers (IPRN) has been the backbone of the telemedia industry for years and has remained somewhat in the background in recent times, overshadowed by developments in mobile, value added services and marketing. Paul Skeldon reports

    But International Premium Rate Numbers are still the backbone of many businesses and underpins everything from voice and data services, to voting, live chats, call TV, quiz shows, adult entertainment and much more.

    The world of telemedia is now one predicated on international deals and international traffic, driven by media companies and marketers alike looking to go international.

    From a UK perspective, a study by Rakuten Marketing reveals 89% of UK marketers are now in a position where they are currently managing international campaigns. More than half (55%) are actively managing campaigns across Europe and a further 14% state they are also managing campaigns further afield.

    Anthony Capano, Managing Director, EU at Rakuten Marketing, comments, “In the UK alone, more than 35% of transactions driven for Rakuten Marketing clients are now taking place overseas, highlighting the significant international growth opportunity for UK brands.”

    On TV, too, International Premium Rate is being brought to bear. “TV is a trusted device and mobile is now its remote control – and it offers way more than the ‘red button’ ever could,” says David Wainwright, CEO, Hollywood TV. “The mobile is definitely the first screen these days, but TV is firmly the second – but using the two together can create services that people will pay for.”

    According to Wainwright, quizzes, games, lotteries, casino games, shopping and adult are all interactive TV services that people will pay for and which can generate revenue still – “you just have to build trust and show just how good these games are,” he says.

    Across the world there has been quite a bit of innovation in TV interaction services. “It is lucrative worldwide and we are seeing new formats, new technologies, new programmes and new outlets,” says Claire McLaughlin, COO, The Cyber Authority.

    That said, according to McLaughlin, the formats that are still going strong are old and well established formats in TV and radio that still attract huge numbers of participants, so while there are lots of new things that can be done with new tech, the old faithfuls can also be great.

    Where in the world for International Premium Rate?

    International development of telecoms and allied services that underpin IPRN are not limited to one geography, but some markets are hotting up. The need to connect and monetize Africa is driving much international development in telecoms and marketing and, as this infrastructure is built out, so too is the ability to pass traffic on from the developed world to these markets.

    Similarly, Russia and Central Europe are also seeing deployments of services coming on apace.

    Rakuten’s study, focusing on new high growth regions found that Asia-Pacific (APAC) is a region that is quickly growing in importance for UK marketers. 82% of UK marketers targeting this region confirm they see their customer base in the region as ‘premium buyers’. To reach customers, they are personally using channels such as WeChat (36%). Similarly, 30% have tried Weibo and 18% have tried Renren.

    Following APAC, marketers are also expanding their global customer base by targeting the Middle East (7%) and South America (4%). Like APAC, the market in the Middle East is considered by marketers to be comprised of premium buyers with an appetite for luxury goods. The biggest ecommerce potential in the region comes from Saudi Arabia, Qatar and the UAE with fashion, travel and transportation being the most popular online shopping categories. Of course, it is important to be conscious of the diverse cultures in this region and distinct sales peaks.

    New tech frontiers

    The development of International Premium Rate Numbers is also starting to see the impact of new devices such as voice assistants – think Alexa and Google Home – creating new opportunities for VAS traffic and ecommerce, much of which is cross border.

    It is early days, but these are soon to be mainstream devices in every home – and they will create new IPRN opportunities.

    And one company set to exploit this is Platin Telecom. Platin Telecom is a merger of several services of various companies in the telecom area. Their priorities are the confidence and the highest quality of services, and refer to the entire content of absolutely reputable sellers who work in the telecom services area exclusively with them. Their success is driven by  people and their unrelenting focus on how to give best service results the right way by operating responsibly, executed with excellence, applying on-time inquiries and good dealings with the customers for profitable growth.

    Platin Telecom is one of the international telecom companies that conduct business worldwide. They are involved in international premium rate numbers of the telecommunication industry. This product has been very successful over the last years implemented by different operators around the world.  Generally speaking, it is a value added service product comparable to a national premium rate number. The great difference is that this product can be sold internationally and used in countries where value added service numbers are not available such as in the Arabic region.


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