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    Is It Possible That Facebook Ads Target a Specific Set of Facebook User IDs

    Facebook has transformed the manner in which businesses market their products. Indeed, they can reach to a wide audience by using facebook share button code in their pages. The informal nature in which this is done makes the tool extremely effective. The idea of targeting a custom audience is making it even better, allowing marketers to strengthen the existing connections. How is this possible? Well, this article delves into the details.

    Targeting Specific User ID

    Thanks to the revision on custom audience terms of service, it is possible to create Facebook ads to target specific user IDs. You have the liberty to reach to the group so long as you limit uploads to people who have downloaded your account’s application. A verification process is conducted to determine whether the ID matches with the one in your database. The ad will be rejected if this is not the case.


    Several steps are involved in targeting user IDs namely:

    1. Go to the database of email IDs of your clients.
    2. Upload the list as TXT or CSV file to Facebook.
    3. Wait for Facebook to match your data with what it already has.
    4. Get the list of Email IDs that match your database and use them as a custom audience. The process takes approximately 30 minutes.

    Still, you can try a different option, where you can target a different audience whose profiles match your custom audience. This allows you to reach to people who do not have a connection with you yet may be interested in your products. For instance, they may have liked your page in the past or even joined your events.

    The Benefits of Targeting Specific User Ids in Advertising

    By creating ads to target a specific audience, you will benefit as follows:

    • It Leads To Higher Click Rates

    Mass marketing messages do not work. After the many cases of fraud, clients are extremely skeptical about such messages. Instead, they yearn for relevant information and will thus click to an ad on this basis.

    • Return on Investment Is Achieved Quickly

    By reaching to an audience who will actually buy your products, there are high chances that you will utilize fewer resources. Yet, you have a chance to make significant profits within a short time. Small business persons will benefit in this regard given that they have fewer resources for marketing.

    • Understanding the Needs of Your Target Audience Is Ascertained

    Custom audience advertising offers you a good chance to understand the needs that you must meet in business. This is because the audience is likely to offer you relevant responses at any time. You will make changes that will ascertain longevity and profitability of your business.

    Expanding Your Custom Audience

    Given that targeting a specific audience is critical in advertising, you must find ways of expanding your list. It requires you to do the following:

    • Opt for a cost per mile (CPM) bidding that ensures you reach to the target audience. You may want to increase the bid in this process.
    • Try various creative advertising aspects to determine what the target audience prefers. An advertising company can help you through.
    • Update your custom audience as the list grows so that new clients can find your business.
    • Come up with a lookalike audience, so that your ads can reach to people with similar interests as your current audience.

    Taking Advantage of the Advanced Features

    While focusing on your custom audience ID, you may want to take note of the following using Facebook’s advanced features:

    • The Frequency. This refers to the number of times a visitor performs a specific action such as clicking on an advert or visiting your page.
    • Aggregate values. This refers to the total time that the person has spent on a page. A person spending a lot of time on the page is likely to buy a product and thus, you may want to target them more in advertising.
    • You can decide to target an audience using specific devices depending on your product or content.

    Notably, you have the option of combining all elements above in advertising. Even so, you should keep the activities simple until you have the right resources for aggressive marketing.

    The Bottom Line

    Ultimately, it is possible to use Facebook ads to target a specific set of user IDs. It will help you to engage in cost-effective advertising. All you need to do is to create a list legally and utilize the advanced features to increase the custom audience.

    For more information please visit https://dofollow.com/

    Geraldine O'Sullivan
    Geraldine O'Sullivan
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