Monday, May 20, 2024

    JET8 launches a crypto payment gateway for consumer goods and mobile data

    Consumers in Singapore are poised to be able to buy physical goods using mobile-wallet based cryptocurrency, thanks to JET8.

    Dubbed “the world’s first ‘World’s Social Wallet'”, JET8 is a platform for brands to reach content creators to build meaningful and direct relationships with consumers. The new payment feature is the result of over a year of research and development.

    This is a new milestone for the integration of J8T Token, and other ERC20 cryptocurrencies onto the mobile commerce services of the JET8 mobile engagement and commerce ecosystem of DENapps.

    All J8T Token holders or users of DENapps or the Wallet can now purchase consumer goods from major retailers worldwide, by selecting the crypto wallet payment gateway option as the payment method. This new feature makes JET8 one of the world’s first providers of retail payment solutions and brings along the next chapter to the R&D phase: Global Scale.

    JET8 in action

    The JET8 Custodial Wallet has been innovating the fintech space since its launch and is safe. Users can avoid the hassle of managing private keys, passwords or sensitive data and are immersed into the JET8 ecosystem seamlessly. JET8 has enabled users to simply use the biometrics functionality on their devices to complete their transactions.

    Apps created with this technology turn social media users into empowered creators and consumers, and allow brands and agencies to target, publish, and track the life of branded content.

    For every like, comment, and share, users are rewarded for their influence with JET8’s social currency, JETPoints. With JETPoints, users can redeem products online or over-the-counter across more than 30,000 retail stores around the world, including Watsons, Circle K, and 7-Eleven.

    JET8 launched in 2015 and is currently use by more than 50 global brands and marketers including Procter & Gamble, Unilever, Nestlé, Coca-Cola, Pepsi and McDonald’s.

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