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    Keeping the adult business up during the pandemic

    With the current economic climate which is a direct result of the COVID-19 pandemic, many businesses without online presence have seen a decline, often even resorting to closures. As the majority of the population have accepted that social distancing is one of the main ways to avoid the risk of virus exposure, the world has turned to the internet to go about their daily lives.

    From deliveries of basic necessities, sourcing of news, movies, music and other forms of entertainment, people have become increasingly reliant to being online.

    The Adult Industry

    In an effort to battle the lack of social interactions brought about by the abrupt change in normalcy, many persons have flocked to websites, apps and non-physical socialization.

    This has been quite evident in the Adult Industry. As most services offered are of an online nature, it has become a convenient way to stay entertained. Given the ample amount of time and relative ease of access, dating sites, cam sites and other adult services have had an uptick in activity.

    Chat services have increased due to the more constant exchange of communications; refunds for services rendered has decreased as a direct result of actual usage. Users now demand for more content to be available while they are stuck at home. Dating sites gained higher subscription and membership rates since users are at home and almost always online. Cam sites has seen a parallel increase of subscribers as well as model availability.

    Although this pandemic is a definite concern, it has also given rise to a rare opportunity for higher customer engagement, conversion and support.

    More Time

    The social distancing recommendation by various countries and states have increased the time each person has on a day-to-day basis. The removed commute time, lower required work hours and time spent on errands have all be redirected.

    While some spend time on their favorite social media platforms, others on music and video providers, and some on hobbies, this extra time has also given the adult industry the boost it needed in terms of increased traffic.

    More opportunities

    Having users with more time also means that adult-oriented services also need to focus on opportunities to improve, further increase and retain users. With this they will require more resources to hopefully cover the span of this pandemic and to maintain the interest moving beyond the current situation.

    This may vary depending on approach, but it would be a prime opportunity for many businesses in this industry to gather data, produce more content, improve on customer interactions and ultimately use these improvements as a way to push for further growth in the long-run.



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