Thursday, April 18, 2024
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    KindAds rolls out non-intrusive de-centralised programmatic advertising to make the internet ‘kind again’

    As the Facebook data scandal rumbles on and with GDPR less than a month away, a new form of online advertising that aims to serve non-intrusive advertising has gone live.

    According to the company behind it, Kind Ads is an advertising platform that serves user-friendly ads whilst respecting user privacy. In the wake of data scandals that have left consumer trust at an all-time low, Kind Ads is seeking to “make the internet kind again”.

    Launched earlier this year in the fallout from the Equifax hack and with the Facebook and Cambridge Analytica storm brewing, Kind Ads was conceived as a fairer model for advertisers and consumers. The project’s founder, Saulo Medeiros and lead advisor Neil Patel, founder of CrazyEgg and Kissmetrics, were concerned, not only by the loss of trust caused by major data breaches, but by the frustration that web users felt with intrusive ads interrupting their enjoyment of content.

    With the internet dominated by a handful of monopolies such as Google, Facebook, and Amazon, there are few viable alternatives for advertisers and web users to turn to.

    Kind Ads is a decentralized ad network that serves non-intrusive ads without siphoning off any fees. By working directly with publishers, it enables website operators to retain more of the ad dollars pocketed by behemoths like Google and Facebook, and enables advertisers to increase their profit margin.

    Saulo Medeiros, Kind Ads CEO and co-founder, explains:”One of the biggest problems we wanted to solve with Kind Ads was striking a balance between serving relevant ads without disrespecting users’ right to privacy. At present, when you join a platform such as Facebook, it’s very hard to tell what they’re doing with your data and who they’re sharing it with. Once that information’s out there on the web, it’s impossible to reclaim. With Kind Ads, we’ve utilized a blockchain-based solution in which there is no centralized point of failure, which eliminates the possibility of data breaches or un-permissioned data sharing.”

    The Kind Ads platform enables advertisers to serve ads in a variety of ways, including push notifications, chatbots, and banner ads, but configured in such a manner so as not to impact on the user experience.

    A number of blockchain-based ad platforms have already launched, such as BAT, but these are reliant on web users switching to a dedicated web browser. Because the vast majority of web users are reticent to switch from the familiarity of Firefox or Chrome, Kind Ads has devised a solution that provides all the benefits of blockchain technology, without introducing added layers of complexity.

    By creating a fairer and more transparent business model, Kind Ads is seeking to play its part in democratizing the internet, and in doing so, chip away at the power that is presently concentrated in the hands of a few major players.

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