Telemedia for Media & Marketing Companies

What Can Telemedia do for Media companies, Ad agencies, Content publishers, Marketeers and Brands?

Extending media collateral across interactive channels is becoming central to how TV and radio producers and broadcasters, publishers, media buyers, marketing agencies and brands generate extra revenues and build brand awareness and loyalty.

How do  Telemedia’s publishing products help Media & Marketing Companies?

  • Seek new revenue models as traditional ad revenues decline
  • Monetize inventory, data assets, airtime, eyeballs and impressions
  • Find out about a new breed of service providers who have the technology and experience to help you develop new interactive services
  • Convert data assets, viewers and callers into customers
  • Develop campaign response tools for advertisers and agencies
  • Tackle the challenges of a free content’ world
  • Enhance content assets across convergent media platforms
  • Get to grips with rules and regulations in markets across the world
  • Learn from what others do
  • Get the inside track from the movers, shakers and opinion formers from across the telemedia and media industries.

Maximize your value in “the chain” which generates premium network traffic (PSMS, PRS) and discover where the next opportunity lies in partnership with Media & Marketing Groups, SPs, Aggregators, Network Operators, Convergent Technology and Billing Specialists.

Glossary of Terms

How can Telemedia help media companies to generate revenue?

Revenue streams generated from the promotion of value added services are essential to media owners as “paid for” advertising and subscription revenues are in general decline. By working in partnership with telemedia providers – commercial paid for content models are becoming more common. Whether it’s by creating a paywall to access unique content, “mobilising” media brands or by enabling interactive broadcast formats such as Who Wants to Be Millionaire?, Comic Relief, X Factor etc. it’s the ability to provide instant, response driven micro payment solutions that is crucial to the success of this “type” of media-driven proposition

How can media companies monetise their data assets?

By developing a detailed consumer profile (set against a simple telephone number / caller ID); merchants, brands and content owners seek to extend the lifespan of their customer acquisitions.

What is digital content revenue model?

The ever-changing media landscape provides an interface with interest groups and potential customers; allowing promoters to segment and target their promotions. Built on traditional revenue share models, this market has evolved (in technical terms) beyond all recognition – however popular online affiliate models are essentially built upon the same commercial principals of old.