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    MEET THE PEOPLE Bertil Krumnack, founder, Perpetuum Media

    Bertil Krumnack, founder, Perpetuum Media talks us through how to create a successful mobile subscriptions store with some of the best games content around

    What do you do at Perpetuum Media?

    We onboard high quality Android and H5 games, publishing them to our global network of best in class mobile subscription stores.

    Brands such as Disney, MARVEL (H5 games only) and Square in addition to Voodoo, Kiloo, Amanotes and other game publishers/developers trust us with their games in markets outside of Google Play.

    The curated portfolio of titles we manage for the subscription store markets has driven more than 15 billion installs in Google Play. Android games we select, onboard and deliver to stores meet our strict standards which include min 5M+ installs, 4.0+ reviews, and have been updated within the last few months. While H5 games do not have the same metrics, we look for H5 games that are typically branded but also have a high production value.

    How do you create success in mobile subscription store markets?

    It all starts with great games, but just as important are the subscription stores we partner with who seek to deliver and maximize consumer satisfaction. Our experience and approach in selecting stores to work with provides for value and solid returns for the entire value chain.

    The proprietary process and technology we have built – Flexible Application Service Technology (FAST) – enables us to quickly launch games in subscription stores. Key to Perpetuum Media’s value proposition: there is no development effort nor out of pocket cost required from game partners to reach these ancillary revenue sources. What we offer is pure upside.

    FAST also uniquely supports both game and store partners by providing discovery, retention, and engagement mechanisms as well as DRM.

    We’re constantly looking to onboard best of class games based upon primary market indicators including installs and consumer reviews in addition to using marketing tools such as AppAnnie and Sensor Tower.

    Working with well known global and mobile brands requires the utmost professional care and attention. Perpetuum Media is growth oriented and manages this delicate balance, driving incremental reach and revenue for games managed.

    A word about Subscription for Mobile Gaming

    Game subscription stores are a complicated topic and very different from those based on music or videos. Apple, Google, and now Netflix have entered the arena but no one has found the right consumer formula.

    The market potential for mobile subscription stores is both huge and growing. We are betting that consumers are looking for the right service that offers access to a curated list of great games, free from ads and IAP.

    Netflix is investing in games as an extension of their video subscription service. This approach is unique but as mentioned, we think content quality is key to success.

    With this said, we expect VAS companies will play a significant role evolving this ancillary market while monetizing a segment of the 95% or so who don’t pay to play.

    What’s next?

    Perpetuum Media will over the next year, in addition to onboarding new content, be expanding distribution footprint. The company also has a new D2C offering with a contemporary twist to traditional game stores

    Distribution companies focused in VAS subscription store markets and looking for an edge in games, give us a shout @

    To stay up to date with us, check the Perpetuum website and LinkedIn

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