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    MEET THE PEOPLE Rafal Nowak, Director Business Messaging at HORISEN

    HORISEN provides enterprises, telecoms and messaging aggregators with a stack of platforms dedicated to running a global trading & routing business in the omnichannel sphere. Its clients are the leading telecom networks, global aggregators and enterprises on several continents. We talk to Rafal Nowak, director of business messaging to find out what makes the company – and him – tick…

    Which countries or regions do you feel represent the greatest opportunity for your telemedia services in 2022?

    We look at this aspect from a broader perspective. European Union is our natural first-entry area, but we approach many leading economies in Africa, Asia and the Americas with success.

    What have been the biggest challenges faced by the industry since 2020?

    We see the diversification of communication channels as the main stopper for a more impactful digital change in conversational commerce. HORISEN’s Business Messenger is bringing the omnichannel orchestration under one hood but we are at the beginning of a long road.

    What new opportunities have arisen as a result?  

    We see a faster pace in the activation of a unified RCS landscape across the globe. This Google-backed technology is slowly growing into a stronger ecosystem, which will be soon competing with the likes of WhatsApp and Viber.

    Is SMS future proof?

    The coverage and reach of SMS/MMS is still responsible for full order books and solid income. Anyway, margins are continuing to decrease and we notice slowly moving market consolidation. When it comes to this channel, there is a danger that the big volumes might be controlled by the few leading aggregators. Medium and small players are well advised to look for a more diversified business model.

    What’s the secret to optimising engagement, sales revenues and retention?

    Channel diversification and clever software products in automated omnichannel communication.

    What other messaging platforms do you offer and why?

    HORISEN offers a complementary stack consisting of a trading/routing SMS platform, SS7 and MNP solutions and an omnichannel Business Messenger. All platforms communicate with each other and can be installed as one symbiotic ecosystem.

    Do you consider yourself a CPaaS (Communications Platform As A Service) provider or any other variant of the “XXaaS” service provider model?

    HORISEN doesn’t play by any standardized rules and besides using the term ‘CPaaS’ we also consider our combined software portfolio as a ‘Messaging Ecosystem’. The fact that HORISEN doesn’t engage in channel trading or aggregating, positions us a trusted partner – not as a competitor – to all potential clients. Be it enterprises, aggregators or telecoms.

    What are the biggest challenges of offering CPaaS?

    The biggest challenge is to remain innovative and rediscover the chances in the ever-changing messaging landscape. Keeping the margins high requires new models and adapting to emerging new demands of various industries.

    On a more personal level, what is the most inspiring piece of advice that has seen you through life in business to this day and who gave that advice to you?

    Once, an ex-sales director of mine told me that he feels best when he doesn’t see me around – meaning, in the office. In his eyes a true sales manager should be ‘out there’ with the clients. Despite the post-pandemic communication shift, I’m convinced that a personal relationship is the best foundation for serious business. No matter in which industry.

    In the next 12 months what key technical developments or innovations do you feel will have the most positive impact on mCommerce (VAS / mobile payments / marketing)?

    Simplicity in the UX of omnichannel orchestration platform will change the perspective on the side of big enterprises. Mobile payments, VAS and a big part of marketing will discover conversational commerce and we will see the rise of a new consumer behaviour.

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