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    MEET THE PEOPLE Raymond Gomez, VAS2Nets Technologies

    VAS2Nets Technologies is a leading VAS and Infrastructure Applications Service provider (VAS/ IASP) with business operations in Ghana, Nigeria and Cameroon. Here country manager Raymond Gomez outlines what that means and how Ghana is the next destination for players in the mobile and PC  gaming ecosystem

    What opportunities do your identify in this business sector?  

    The increased use of technology and the internet has opened up the mobile and PC gaming sector to a larger market. People are more inclined to view, browse and get unto a mobile or PC game now the more because it is up in their faces more this time than ever and the need to unwind and de-stress from working in this era or limited movement and person-to-person interactions means games have moved up the ladder of person entertainment.

    In addition, technology is growing in Ghana and Africa. And there is that market which is the “next destination” for many tech companies including those in the gaming eco system. The population demographics also provide a fertile ground for gaming service providers to operate. And as the sector grows, many people are exploring ways to monetize their gaming activities which makes the sector more attractive to the target market

    How can sector players take advantage of these opportunities?

    Sector players looking to enter and grow in the Ghanaian and African market must first develop to meet the needs and desires of the market. Research shows that gamers have been predominantly male. The ability to develop and align games to the desires of the female population is key to entering and growing within the Ghanaian and African Market

    The population is seeking varied ways of generating income. This is evident in the growth of social media activity all aimed at monetizing the content people make available to viewing. Play-2-Earn is a critical growth and success factor for gaming ecosystem players within the Ghanaian and African market. The platform that offers the opportunity to earn will generate a strong attraction to the market.

    Infrastructure has been a major challenge for Ghanaian and African game developers. Local players have the ability to develop games with the right context for the local market. Companies that can provide the right support and collaboration in terms on infrastructure and access to operators and the social media market will be in pole position to benefit from the market

    Which player within the gaming ecosystem are you expecting to have a great year?

    Platform owners and Aggregators: Platform owners bring increased access to games. The increase in demand for games and the expected growth will require that players and the population have access to games. In addition, local developers are waiting for the platforms to help them showcase their output. Platform owners and aggregators who are able to bring together varied games in various categories are destined for a great year

    What’s the most effective business model for growth in the gaming industry?

    Partnerships and collaboration are the best launch pads for growth of gaming in the Ghanaian and African market. . Just as gaming sector companies are consolidating in the established markets, these two present the most viable and sustainable channels to growing the gaming sector in Ghana and Africa. There is need for a harmonised effort by various players, from game developers, through platform owners, aggregators and operators to players and promoters. Players within the ecosystem will see growth when they exploit common synergies

    How would you describe VAS2Nets Technologies in the gaming ecosystem?

    Our experience and understanding of this near-virgin industry positions us as subject matter experts in mobile and PC gaming in Ghana and Africa. Our key relationships with other players within the industry allows us to provide the best guidance to gametech companies looking to enter the market. We have also invested in technical relationships with operators, building and integrating platforms that allow us to aggregate games and make them available to the target market on one gaming platform. Our position as a VAS company positions us to support platform owners who want to go the route of collaborating with network operators in Ghana with the capacity to support in several other countries in Africa


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