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Meta wins the battle for Black Friday ads, cementing its place as major source of traffic


Facebook and Instagram owner Meta has cemented its place as a major source of ad traffic, winning the battle for Black Friday ad spend in the UK with a 65% share of wallet in November, a 20% gain from its 45% share last year.

According to data from Juni, Meta has led on ad spend throughout the year on Juni’s platform and Black Friday has seen it again reassert its dominance. Google’s share of ad spend reduced significantly in the weeks leading up to Black Friday, falling from a share of 29.7% in October to 22% in November. This also marks a decrease from Google’s performance last November, which saw the platform take 26% of ad share.

Amazon, meanwhile, is gaining more share of wallet each month and has seen a dramatic increase YoY, increasing from 2% in November 2022 to 10.6% in the same period this year. Interestingly, there was a 233% growth in the number of Juni ecommerce customers spending on this platform.

This year saw the highest ad spend on the 22 and 23 November, during the Black Friday period just ahead of the day itself. By contrast, in 2022 the ad spend peaks were a week earlier, in the days prior to Black Friday week.In November to date, ad spend has increased YoY with UK ecommerce businesses investing 43.7% more on advertising compared to the same time last year, as they aim to capitalise on the high demand retail season.

Overall ad spend month-on-month increased by 29.4% from October 2023 to November 2023.

“In the ever-changing landscape of ecommerce, Meta remains the constant. It has dominated ad spend for the past year, and with a 20% increase in wallet share this year it has won the Black Friday ad spend battle,” comments Samir El-Sabini, CEO at Juni. “Black Friday remains a critical opportunity for sales and business growth for ecommerce businesses, and spending patterns reflect this sentiment. Results and ROI around this period will be a real indicator of how well ecommerce businesses have prepared by investing in stock, tools and marketing.”

Interestingly, the number of customers having a subscription with ChatGPT continues to grow in the UK, with 10% of ecommerce businesses paying for a subscription to the service in November 2023.

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