Friday, April 19, 2024
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    Microsoft adds charge to mobile to all Windows 10 devices

    Microsoft is to bring carrier billing to all Windows devices, so that users can buy software and services for all their devices in one simple quick way via their mobile phone bill in the US – something that could supercharge the carrier billing marketplace.

    Announced at the Microsoft Build 2015 event, the computer giant shared its plans to expand carrier billing support to all Windows devices, including tablets and desktop computers. Currently, it is only available on cell phones, but soon, you’ll be able to charge all digital purchases from Microsoft’s Marketplace to your cell phone bill. As long as your carrier allows you to, that is.

    The move has taken many by surprise, but isn’t that hard to fathom. Microsoft boasts the largest carrier billing footprint of any ecosystem. The number of mobile operators the company has partnered with stands at 90, and we won’t be surprised to see the number grow higher in the future.

    Microsoft is also widely used all over the world and, while this is only US at the moment, it makes sense that it will be rolled out across developing markets to allow the vast numbers of Windows users who have no credit card of bank account – but have a cell phone – to enter the digital and app economy.

    “Last week’s announcement from our partner Microsoft, is huge,” says Ray Anderson, CEO of mobile payment company Bango. “Microsoft expects to have 1 billion devices running Windows 10 in three years’ time, unifying the entire device range, including PCs, tablets, smartphones and Xbox. This makes for a compelling platform for developers: much larger than any previous Windows, iOS and Android proposition alone. Microsoft’s Windows Store promise a huge range of software, games, apps and other content, including those written for .Net, Win32 and crucially, iOS and Android. The store also includes subscription payments for the first time.”

    Anderson continues: “I was delighted to see Microsoft introduce carrier billing as standard across all of these devices, even those without mobile network capabilities, like the PC or Xbox. Microsoft has stated that carrier billing increases total payments by 8x per month in emerging markets and 3x in developed markets. This presents mobile operators with a massive revenue opportunity.”

    The global carrier billing market has been growing year on year, largely based on sales of app content on smartphones. With this single move, Microsoft will supercharge the global carrier billing market. Google Play has been the biggest market opportunity to date. Now Microsoft’s commitment to carrier billing for all Windows 10 devices will further excite the world’s mobile network operators and supercharge the global carrier billing market.

    The move comes hot on the heels of Microsoft announcing that it is trialing an m-payments solution in the US that has seen the company apply for money transmission licences in all 50 US states.

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