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Millennials pave the way for a new mobile advertising age, study says


Assessing the influence of mobile advertising, a report from Quantcast, one of the world leaders in applying the power of Big Data and analytics to digital and mobile advertising, has revealed that 64% of consumers shave been influenced to purchase by a mobile ad – a figure that rises to 80% among millennials.

But, highlighting the importance of the tailored aspect of mobile advertising, 43% are more likely to buy from an organisation that sends them relevant advertising on their mobiles. While, despite mobile advertising’s prior reputation for spamming, intrusive ads, 76% of are more accepting of relevant ads on their mobile device.

The report – ‘Mobile + Me – The Remodelled Brand Opportunity’ – reveals that when consumer expectations are not met, they are disturbed during their “me time”. The lack of relevancy for consumers negatively impacts their overall perception of a brand. 51% of consumers found mobile advertising to be more intrusive than ads received on their desktop or tablet. However, when expectations are met, brands are rewarded. The research found 37% of millennials believe people’s awareness to brands is heightened by advertising on mobile devices.

The study finds that consumers generally are using mobile devices to research purchases five times a day, while 50% of millennials use their mobile as a research tool. Millennials make an average of two purchases a week through their mobile and almost half (48%) of them admitted they would be more influenced by more creative advertising.

“We know mobile advertising works when delivered in the right context and is relevant – it drives brand engagement. The report reveals the gap between the ads delivered to consumers and their high expectations from brand advertisers,” commented Matt White, UK Managing Director at Quantcast. “Consumer behaviour on mobile has evolved. With 45% of millennials using mobile devices to shop during their time spent relaxing, they have higher expectations of mobile ads and rightly so, demand more relevancy and creativity from brand advertisers.”

White continues: “The report clearly shows that the brand opportunity on mobile has been remodelled through consumer behaviour and interaction with their mobile devices. Today’s successful marketers are using data to identify consumers in the research phase, presenting them a clear opportunity to deliver relevant mobile advertising. In turn, driving awareness and direct response through a holistic desktop and mobile web ad strategy to influence behaviour.”


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