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What can Telemedia do for Mobile Billing and Payment Companies?

The Telemedia industry is nothing without mobile billing and payment mechanisms.  It brings together forward thinking payment gateways that provide innovative solutions for an ever changing digital commerce ecosystem.

Telemedia stakeholders deploy billing and payment technologies in order to drive revenues from content monetisation and from the sale of value added services, premium applications and interactive media.

Telemedia Online reports on both the technical and commercial innovations along with the ever present “issues” surrounding compliance and regulation.

How does Telemedia help Mobile Billing and Payment Companies?

  • Understanding:We keep up to date with the latest developments in billing technology
  • Analysis: Comparative analysis of the different ideas that surround billing in the telemedia space
  • Regulation: News and debate on the rules and regulations surrounding billing and payments
  • Insight: We report on the Technological developments and how these will affect billing in future
  • Commentary: With years of experience and contacts to the big players in the market, Telemedia Online brings you the inside track on the dynamic paid-for content industry
  • Knowledge: We understand what service partners with a range of consumer billing requirements
  • Promotion: Telemedia Online acts as a knowledge and promotion hub for the latest in billing • Up to date: Applications for SMS, PRS, PSMS, e-payments, m-payments, micro payments and credit/debit
  • Up to date: Applications for SMS, PRS, PSMS, e-payments, m-payments, micro payments and credit/debit

Maximize your value in the chain which generates huge volumes of minutes, messages and traffic worldwide and discover where the next opportunity lies in partnership with Media & Marketing Groups, SPs, Aggregators, Network Operators, Convergent Technology and Billing Specialists.

Glossary of Terms

What is Carrier Billing?

Carrier billing Short for Direct Carrier Billing (DCB), is an online payment method that lets a phone user to make purchases of digital services by charging it to their mobile phone bill or taking it form their pre-pay account balance. It is available to all smartphone and feature phone owners, so long as they have a SIM card and a network connection. Also known as Operator Billing, Direct Operator Billing, Direct Mobile Billing

How does Direct Carrier Billing Work?

The user chooses to pay via Direct carrier Billing, the relevant Mobile Network Operator (MNO) is Notified and accepts the payment which is added to the users phone bill

What is an MNO?

Mobile Network Operator (MNO) A mobile telco that operates its own telecoms network to which a consumers SIM card and phone number are attached

What is an MVNO?

Similar to an MNO but an MVNO will still need to be linked to an MNO to operate.

What is PSD2?

Payment Services Directive (PSD2) The Revised Payment Services Directive (PSD2, Directive (EU) 2015/2366, which replaced the Payment Services Directive (PSD), Directive 2007/64/EC) is an EU Directive, administered by the European Commission (Directorate General Internal Market) to regulate payment services and payment service providers throughout the European Union (EU) and European Economic Area (EEA). The PSD directive’s purpose was to increase pan-European competition and participation in the payments industry, also from nonbanks, and to provide for a level playing field by harmonising consumer protection and the rights and obligations for payment providers and users. The key objectives of the PSD2 directive are creating a more integrated European payments market, making payments safer and more secure and protecting consumers

What Telemedia can do for your business