Telemedia for Mobile Billing & Payment Providers

The Telemedia realm would be nothing without innovative ways of mobile billing and collection and the industry is always in search of forward thinking billing companies to provide solutions to its ever changing needs.

Likewise, all those involved in the telemedia value chain, also rely on innovative billing technology to drive revenue generation from interactive media and content services.

Telemedia provides:

  • Understanding of the latest developments in billing technology
  • Comparative analysis of the different ideas that surround billing in the telemedia space
  • The rules and regulations surrounding billing
  • Technological insight
  • The inside track on the dynamic paid-for content industry
  • Understanding what service partners with a range consumer billing requirements
  • Update applications for SMS, PRS, PSMS, e-payments, m-payments, micro payments and credit/debit

Maximize your value in “the chain” which generates premium network traffic (PSMS, PRS) and discover where the next opportunity lies in partnership with Media & Marketing Groups, SPs, Aggregators, Network Operators, Convergent Technology and Billing Specialists.