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    Mobile business messaging market to reach $78bn by 2027, driven by RCS – but Apple buy-in now crucial

    Mobile business messaging is set to grow from $48bn in 2022 to $78bn by 2027, a growth rate of 63% driven by enterprise adoption of RCS (Rich Communication Services).

    RCS, with its rich media content, such as high-quality images, videos and carousels, within a smartphone’s default messaging application, also offers businesses end-to-end encryption and verified sender identities RCS provides to reduce messaging fraud.

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    The research found that the global number of RCS business messages received will increase from 161 billion in 2022 to 639 billion by 2027, as enterprises in industries handling sensitive data, such as banking and healthcare, migrate traffic away from SMS to more secure channels.

    It notes that while user verification over RCS acts as a first step in messaging fraud prevention, malicious players will increasingly identify ways to bypass this requirement. In response, the report urges firewall vendors to prioritise the accurate detection of spam content via multimedia messaging, including images and external links.

    Apple support key to realising RCS potential

    The report noted that the US will represent a key growth market for RCS with all tier 1 operators, including AT&T, T-Mobile and Verizon, supporting rich media messaging solutions. It found that the total number of RCS business messages received in the US will surpass 170 billion by 2027, if Apple introduces support for the messaging protocol over iOS within the next 3 years.

    Research author Scarlett Woodford says: “Apple must support RCS to facilitate smooth and secure communications between mobile operating systems. The RCS protocol is likely to be deployed over the existing iMessage interface on iOS devices, in order to capitalise on user familiarity and maximise adoption.”

    Understanding the impact of business messaging is one of the key themes of World Telemedia Marbella on 19-21 October. One of the key elements of this is the SMS Forum.

    Running alongside the conference, Andreas Constantinides, head of MoreThan160 is also running a special SMS Forum, which, he says, “Will bring together the telco and tech experts together in one place. Both industries will be able to inform one another accordingly about their own needs, and demands and create new type of connections, customers, suppliers, and overall business relationships. FinTech Companies, Apps, and IT Solutions will have the exclusive opportunity to come closer to the Telco Ecosystem and the Business Messaging Key Players as to expand their business marketing. All the attendees will be updated on the latest business messaging news.”

    Covering, among other things, the Evolution of the SMS and Business Messaging, significant Facts and Figures, new trends and Services, Platforms and CPaaS tools and OTT Messaging Tools, as well as new Business Messaging Tools, the Forum contextualises SMS in the wider messaging market and offers excellent insight into where the industry is heading – business critical advice for anyone in the telemedia businesses and those that use these services.

    “Participants of the SMS Forum will not only gain exclusive exposure for their company, but also they will have the chance to watch – and take part in – numerous panel discussions taking place within the event, moderated by the industry’s leading lights,” Constantinides concludes.

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