Tuesday, April 16, 2024
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    Mobile making a significant and growing contribution to travel, study finds

    Mobile accounts for a significant part of the growth in the travel bookings sector, with its share doubling from 12% to 23%, according to the latest study by Criteo.

    Having analysed a sample of over 1 billion bookings from over 100 of the top travel suppliers and online travel agents (OTAs), Criteo has identified a number of key trends which can offer travel providers insights into how to optimise their strategies and take advantage of the increasing opportunities on mobile platforms.

    Mobile apps are generating 49% of the mobile revenue of companies that are invested in in-app advertising and tracking this had increased from 12% only a year ago.

    Device use to varies depending on multiple factors as expected, however, smartphones have been revealed as the most effective device upon which to close same day bookings – 47% on mobile, 58% on mobile and tablet.

    Attribution is still a challenge for marketers as cross-device usage is significant in this sector.

    In terms of smartphone bookings, online hotel travel agencies are generating significantly more business from mobile platforms than the suppliers themselves – 21% vs 7%.

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